Fallen Tears

20 year old Maya has been living in London for two years to run away from her sad and painful past. Will Niall be able to wipe away her Fallen Tears or will he cause more to fall?


14. New Years Plan 14

Niall's POV

Christmas had passed a few days ago and Maya and I were still in love. We tried to spend as much time together as possible. New Years was just a few days away and I needed to get Maya a birthday gift. Her birthdays was on the 7th of January. She told me that she hated her birthday because it was so close to Christmas and New Years that some people forgot. I wanted her to have an amazing birthday party this year wether she wanted it or not.

*At the studio with the boys*

"Lads, remember I'm having a New Years party at my flat, bring what ever you want but if your drinking you're staying over ok?" I said.

"Yes mom." They said in unison.

"Who is going to be there?" Harry asked as he ruffled his curly locks.

"Well us, duh, Maya, her friends Mady, Sarah, and Alex. Your girlfriends if they want, and I think Zach and John form the studio and I think that's it."

"Who the hell is Alex?" Louis asked.

"He's a friend of Maya's that she made in collage. Before she meet me." I explained.

"He sounds like a cool dude." Zayn said.

"I don't know, Maya is really ho-" Harry said before I smacked his head.

"That's my girlfriend you're talking about mate, don't go hitting on her. I bet her friend Alex is a really nice guy, I've never met him so I can't judge." I said even though I had my doubts. I didn't want to lose Maya to this Alex character.

*Maya's POV*

*Maya's Apartment*

I had invited Alex over to help me pack my things so when my lease was up I could go to Niall's place without much trouble. I could tell that he was flirting with me but I pretended that I didn't notice.

"So Alex do you think you'll be able to come to the New Years party Niall is throwing?" I asked while packing some of my ceramics things.

"Will you be there?" He asked.

"No shit, of course I'll be there. Is there a dress code? I don't want to wear a suit."

"No formal dress code but wear something, like a nice button up shirt and nice jean or dress pants."

"What will you be wearing?"

"I'm not sure yet, maybe a blue knee length dress or maybe my black sparkly one, still haven't picked one out yet."

"I bet you'll look hot in either one." Alex said with a smirk.

"Oh shut up you dork and help me finish packing."

A/N: hey guys sorry I haven't updated in a really long time. I've kinda lost interest in this story but I want to go finish it so I'm going start writing again. The chapters will be shorter and a bit spaced out but I'll try to write more and again sorry for not posting.

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