Fallen Tears

20 year old Maya has been living in London for two years to run away from her sad and painful past. Will Niall be able to wipe away her Fallen Tears or will he cause more to fall?


10. Is This Happening?! 10

Maya's POV

"What! Why would you do that! I don't want that attention! I can barely take being near you guys, no offense Niall but I'm to scared to even hold Niall's hand first!" I yelled. Oh no this was bad, I could feel myself getting light headed. I started to sway back and fourth. I could tell that Niall wanted to ask if I was ok, but I fainted before the words ever left his perfect lips. I didn't feel any pain so I assumed that Niall had caught me. I slipped into darkness before I could tell ehat was going to happen next. All I could tell was that I was going to have a dream, and it was the one that I loved but also hated.


The sky was bright baby blue, and the sun was coming in ever so slightly from behind the clouds that were scattered over the sky. The sun was shining brightly but the stars were also showing through the clouds. This confused me but it was a dream and dreams never really made any sense. I was standing in a large meadow full of all types of flowers in all different colors. I had a beautiful long flowing green dress on. It was sleeveless and it was covered in small white dots of all different sizes. This was my favorite dream but also my most hated because I knew that it never had a happy ending. In this dream I had truly fallen in love again and my shattered heart was fixed. My smile was a real one not the fake one that was always plastered on my face. I started to walk foward when a hand landed gently on my shoulder. This was the part of me dream that I hated the most. I knew that when I turned around their face would be blank and I would never know the face of my true love. Since I couldn't control myself in this dream I turned around. I expected to see nothing but this time it was different. When I smiled at him, he was smiling back. The once blank face had finally shown it's ture self to me. The hidden face was a face that I knew well. It was the face of none other then my current boyfriend, Niall Horan.

*Dream Ends*

When I woke up I was in an unfamiliar place. I was scared and confused. I looked around and I saw Niall. My confusion was gone, I was in the recording studio with the guys. Not in the booth but just in the room with the DJ. They sounded great, I sat there and listened to them sing. They all had amazing voices but they were always amazing, especially Niall. After about 20 minutes of sitting there I decided to go on my phone and check my Twitter. My friends had posted something's and I replied. I checked Niall's Twitter like I always did, and I was shocked to see his latest post. He had thousands of messages, some asking who the girl he was with was, some saying I was his girlfriends, and most of them were saying I was a bitch or a slut and was only with him for his money. I was absolutely heart broken, how could people say that when they don't even know me. I looked up at Niall but he was focusing on singing. I didn't want to worry him so I smiled at him and hide my sadness and pain. I turned my phone off and went to put it down when I heard a loud rumble. I looked up confused and then realized it was Niall's stomach. I laughed, only to have my stomach rumble just as loud.

"Ok guys we can't record if Niall's hungry, it's so loud the mic's are somehow picking it up. We'll finish up in about and hour, so go have lunch." The DJ said. Niall looked embarrassed but was the first one out if the booth, he ran up to me and gave me a kiss in the cheek. I blushed and said-

"Let's go eat. I'm starving and guessing on how the mic's were picking up your stomach rumbling, your hungry to."

"Starving!" With the we walked to the cafeteria. The tweets never fully left my mind. They were still picking away at me. We were eating out lunch when I noticed that Niall was staring at me. I looked at him and smiled brightly at him. He took a breath and said-

"Dear god Maya you don't know how much I love you right now." He said sweetly. This made me blush a thousand shades of red.

"I love you to Niall." I replied.

"No I mean that it's hard to contain my love. I want to spend every moment with you but I don't want to scare you."

"Niall you're to cute to scare me and I know that you'll never hurt me." I smile at him and continued to eat my lunch. I barley knew Niall but I felt like I could trust him with anything. It was like no matter what happened he would be there for me. I said I loved him but at first I didn't. I was scared, but now I truly do love him. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't met him. This man would change my life, and it made me so happy.

I felt my phone buzz a few times and I picked it up to see who it was. It was Sarah of all people! I hadn't talked to her in ages. I picked up the phone, and began to talk to Sarah.

"Hey Sarah what's up?"

"Nothing, I just have a few quick questions I need to ask you."

"Ok go ahead." I said skeptically. Sarah wasn't really the type to ask questions.

"Are you and Niall going out?"

"Yeah...why do you ask?"

"OH MY GOD!!! I'm so happy for you!!! I saw it on his latest twitter post!"

"Yeah I saw that...I was planning on talking to him about it."

"Last question, you have read all the things Niall's followers were saying right? I just want to tell you to not let it bother you." She said. I stood up and excused myself. I couldn't let Niall know that this was bothering me. Little did I know Niall had quietly gotten up and began to follow me, in the not creepy way.

"I have and no matter what their hate still gets to me. I'm scared because I think that all this pressure is going to affect my relationship and I don't want that to happen." I said while tears threatened to fall. I took a shaky breath and wiped my face. I had to be strong no matter what.

"Just remember Maya I will alway be there for you just like you are always here for me." I smiled at this because I knew that Sarah was smiling when she said it.

"Thanks Sarah I really appreciate it, you have no idea how much this means to me, I have to go Niall might start to worry." I hung up and began to to walk back to the table. When I got close I noticed Niall was missing, where could he have gone? I turned around only to be engulfed in strong arms.

"Maya I had no idea that all this negative attention would make you feel so scared. I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was going to post that tweet. You mean the world to me and I don't want that to affects us. I'm so sorry, I didn't know you were in this much pain." He explained. I just stood there, surprised yet happy. The tears that had threatened to fall before were falling but not because of sadness but because of happiness. I returned Niall's hug.

"God Niall you have no idea how much I needed to hear that from you." I said. I loved this guy so much. I looked up at him and he looked at me. He brought his face close to mine and whispered-

"I love you." And kissed me right on the lips. I could feel sparks fly, the pain and hurt from the tweets had gone away in an instant and it was replaced with happiness and joy. We broke the kiss and went back to the recording booth hand in hand. I was no longer afraid to hold Niall's hand. Once we got there I watched the guys sing for hours, I never checked my phone and I didn't plan to. I just sat there and listened. Once they were done singing we went to my car and started to drive back to my house.

"Maya, have you realized we haven't gone on a date yet? So we haven't officially started dating."

"Yeah I mean we are a new couple and all. Why do you ask?"

"No real reason I just wanted to point out that we need to go on date, that's all."

"Ooh...wait are you asking me out on a date Mr.Horan?" I teased. He just smiled and nodded. I giggled at his response and asked-

"Well what do you have in mind?"

"Well how about dinner at a restaurant and movie? Simple yet affective for a first date don't you agree?"

"Why that sounds lovely." I responded in terrible British accent. This only made Niall laugh. I looked at him and started laughing too. God I thought to myself, this isn't be happening.. is it?

"I'll pick you up at 7:00pm tomorrow ok?" He asked

"Ok no problem, sounds like a plan!" I said. I was slowly yet surly breaking out of the shell that I had formed around my self and I hopped that I wasn't doing it for nothing.

A/N: Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I guess I lost a little bit of the flare I had for this Movella, but I promise I will update more on both stories. Please just give me a little more time. I'm on my spring break so I have more time to focus on these stories. Thanks

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