Fallen Tears

20 year old Maya has been living in London for two years to run away from her sad and painful past. Will Niall be able to wipe away her Fallen Tears or will he cause more to fall?


8. Healing My Heart 8

Niall's POV


I had my head in my hands, thinking about what Maya had said. She had such a painful past. I remember Sarah saying they all had a painful past like that. God I feel like such and idiot. I could hear footsteps in the background but I didn't let my headless my hands. I felt the couch sink in next to me.

"Hey, don't worry about it. It's all in the past." She said. I could tell she was trying to cheer me up, but the truth was that she was the one who needed cheering up. I could tell her voice was cracking a little.

"But you will always have to deal with it. I jut wish there was some way I could help you forget it." I replied. I heard her sign. She took my hands off my face and cupped it with hers. I looked at her confused. The next thing that happened was so confusing. One moment I was looking into to her bright green eyes, the next her lips were on mine. I didn't kiss back at first because I was so surprised but then I melted into the kiss. Her lips were like silk. It was so intoxicating, I wanted to stay like this forever. She then pulled back, her face redder then you could imagine.

"I-I-I'm sorry.....That wasn't supposed to happen." She said before running of into her room. I just sat there dazed, looking like and idiot. What the hell just happened? Why did Maya kiss me? Not that I minded, but why? I slowly got up and walked to her room, knocking on the door lightly.

"Maya...are you ok? If you want we can forget about what just happened." I suggested. I knew that I would never forget the softness of her lips and how intoxicating it was but I had to make her feel comfortable.

"It's too embarrassing! You'll think differently if me now I know it. I bet you think I'm some lying freak that just wanted to kiss you!" She yelled back. I just chucked and lightly placed my forehead on her door.

"Maya. I will never think bad of you, like Louis said I'm head over heels for you." I can't believe I was doing this. I had never said I love you to anyone other then my family.

"I-I-I love you Maya. You are the princess I've been looking for and I hope that I'm your prince." My heart was beating a mile a minute. I could feel my face heating up. It was so quite, until I heard light foot steps coming towards the door. I took a step back. With a small click the door opened and Maya was standing there with tears falling down her face but she was smiling. I went to hug her but she put her hand on my chest.

"The words you said to me were so sweet, and I thank you for them nobody has ever said that to besides family, not even Nick. I want to be with you but I'm afraid to get hurt again. My glass heart is riddled with cracks and I don't want it to break. If you do really love me then you have to give me time to adjust and we have to get to know each other better." She said. I was so happy. I pulled her into a bone crushing hug. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world. I put her down and looked into her beautiful green eyes again and said-

"Is it ok if I kiss you this time."

"Yes, yes you may." I pulled her in closer and put my lips on to her. A small kiss at first but then it became more intense. I was trying to pull her closer without hurting her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and stood on her toes so we could be closer. After awhile of standing there I broke it apart to take a breath. Maya was smiling at me and she put her lips closer to my ear and whispered-

"I love you to Niall. You are the prince to my lonely glass kingdom," With that she broke of the hug and went into the kitchen. I stood there shell shocked. I'm her prince and I wanted it to stay like that. I turned around to follow her with the biggest and dumbest smile on my face.

"Now that all the mushy stuff is over would you like some eggs because I'm starving. Hospital food never sat well in my stomach."She said. I nodded and looked at her newly bandaged head. I felt like a jerk for causing her so much pain. I sat on one of her kitchen chairs and put my hands in my hair. She walked over with a plate of eggs and bacon. She kissed the top of my head and said-

"Now don't go feeling bad again. It's not you fault I fell and hit my head. At least you made sure I was ok unlike Nick who would just leave me there. I don't want you to feel bad ok?" She said while rubbing my back. I jut nodded my head and smiled at her. She smiled back and put a fork in front of me so I could eat. I was almost finished with my food when something came into mind.

"Hey Maya I have question to ask."

"Yeah what's up?"

"Do you want to go public with our relationship, or do you want to keep it a secret for awhile? I know this was a dumb question but I have to ask." I just wanted to keep her safe from the paparazzi and the fans.

"I think it's up to you. I mean you are a superstar this could effect your career and your popularity." She replied. I had to think about this not only could it effect my but it would also effect the lads.

"I have an idea!" Maya said excitedly. I looked at her and blinked. How the hell did she come up with an idea so quickly?, I thought to myself.

"How about we don't say anything until someone asks? We say nothing on Twitter or Facebook or any source if social media, until someone asks? Does that sound dumb?" She asked with her head slightly turned to the side.

"No actually that sounds like a really good idea. Let's do it!" I was way to excited for this. We both laughed and continued to eat food and talk. Slowly but surly getting to know each other more and more. I learned that she wanted to be an author, she took a pottery class in high school for 3 years, and that her favorite colors were blue and green. So that explains why she has a green and blue heart at the end of almost all of her tweets. Maya was a very interesting character, with every passing minute I loved her more and more. Despite her painful past she was a very bright and out going person. Once she got to know me I could tell she was opening up, it was refreshing to see her smile, but I knew that she was still scared to be in a relationship. It was close to four am when Maya started to look tired.

"Hey, how about you get some sleep we've been up for hours talking, which I've enjoyed but I want to make sure you get your rest." I said. While I said this Maya had her chin resting in her right hand and she looked like she was going to fall asleep right there. She nodded her head and began to, slowly, shuffle her way back to her room. I watched as she walked into her room, turn around, say goodnight, and close the door. I snickered at how cute she looked, then slightly shook my and walked back to the couch where I would be sleeping. As I rested my head on the plush pillow I thought about Maya had told me, I wanted to make the rest of her life so amazing she would never be scared about her past again. With that thought in mind I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.


*Next Day*


Maya's POV


The sun was shinning through the blinds and I unknowingly slapped my forehead to cover my eyes. I yelled out in pain. I was such and idiot. I heard quick foot steps and someone yell-

"Maya are you ok? I heard you scream!" A man with a heavy Irish accent asked. I smiled at myself when I realized it was Niall.

"Yeah I'm fine Niall I just smacked my head forgetting I has stitches. No need to worry!" I yelled back. Me and Niall were taking back and forth through the door as I got dressed. Today I was wearing dark blue skinny jeans with a simple black belt, a blue and black striped tank top and a black cardigan. I went to open my door to greet Niall only to fall over. Niall had been leaning on the door and didn't hear me open it.

"OH MY GOD! Maya are you ok? I didn't hear you walk to the door! I didn't mean to land on you! I'm so sorry!" Niall said. He looked so cute when he was worried. I smiled at him.

"Don't worry Niall. It was an accident." I replayed while dusting the imaginary dust off of my pants. I looked in his eyes and blushed. I walked to the bathroom to brush my hair. Niall followed me and stood in the door way.

"Do you want to go and grab a bite to eat before we going to the recording studio?" He asked. Recording studio. I was going with him? When did I agree to this?

"I can stay home Niall I know how to take care of myself." I stated. I tied my ribbon in my hair and looked at him.

"Nope. I'm supposed to be taking care of you and I'm not going to let you out of my sight. You're coming with me. No exceptions." With that he walked to the front door. I just stood in the bathroom and looked I the mirror. Was Niall acting like a good boyfriend? So this is what it feels like to be really loved, I thought to myself. I left the bathroom and walked over to Niall. He had my jacket in hand and was smiling. I grabbed my coat and put it on along with my green wool scarf. Once I had my boots on I looked at him. I had to get the hats that were on the pegs behind him. So I stood on my toes and put my arms around his neck and whispered-

"I love you Niall, more then you would know." I grabbed the hats and put one on his head. I carefully put mine on and began to turn around to open the door, but Niall's arms snakes around my waist stopping me. He was looking straight in my eyes and said-

"I love you to, don't you ever forget that." With that he kissed me. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I grabbed my bag and unlocked the door. Today was going to be a good day.

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