The Private School Book 1 Of 3

Going to a new school is hard especially for Mia and her best friend Sophie. But its even harder falling for the most handsome guys in school who happen to be keeping a secret they are werewolves. Werewolves looking for their mates and it happens to be Mia and Sophie.


6. Chapter 6

Sophie's POV


That night Mia came home and I knew were Jesse was coming from in the hospital it was all of us that made her get kidnapped, made her run away if it wasn't for us Mia would be fine. We were sitting around the dining room table eating our dinner Samantha had made. When we all finished dinner it was my turn to do the dishes and that's when I started to do, I know it sounds really weird but we all do chores here just like a normal family. It is kind of cool though, Mia doesn't have to do any at the moment so Jesse does them for her. I could hear semi of Mia's and Jesse's conversation they were talking about her and my wolf, what the hell? I didn't know anything about turning into a wolf.

After the dishes, I had walked into my room I needed to check my phone but I couldn't find it. Hmmm.... Where did I have it last, oh I know my school bag, i picked up my school bag and shook everything that was in my bag out, my phone was the last thing to get yes when I grabbed it I could see 5 unread text messages. Who has been messaging me, when I opened the messages up I could see they were from my step jerk of a dad, anger built inside of me, the one I got angry about was the one telling me what to do but I had to for Mia's sake




I hope your little friends enjoyed her time with us, I have a job for you and if you do not complete or listen to any of this their will be consequences for you and lovely Mia. Now that you finally understand what I am cable of with Matthew's pack and all I want you to meet me deep in the forest, at a place called Moonlit Lake at midnight I will be waiting. P.S tell no one.



I growled lowly as I locked my phone, he is in Matthew's pack the same Matthew who hurt Mia, I heard a knock on my door I answered with a strong Come in. I was surprised to see Mia walking in, I smiled at her softly as I placed all my books into my bag again.

"Hey Mia" I said facing her.

"Can we talk?" She asked and I knew she was upset.

"Yeah of course" I said.

We both sad down on the bed.

"Why did you do it Sophie? Why did you say those things?" Mia asked almost in tears

I sighed, "Hey Mia I have been a bitch towards you, I get it if you hate me I know Jesse does, but I am not going to lie, I didn't want to say those things but Seth said I had to or i'm out of the pack for good" I whispered and looked into Mia's teary eyes, where I saw Anger, Heartbreak and sadness.

Mia wiped her tears away with the back of her hand.

"I'm sorry about all of this Mia, I have been a bad friend and I know you deserve better" I said.

Mia sighed to herself a little her voice was all shaky, "I forgive you just never ever ever do that again okay" Mia said.

"I won't Mia I promise, I will stand by you until the end" I said.

"Jesse doesn't hate you, he is just worried and really scared he is pissed at Seth for making everyone say those things" Mia confirmed.

"Well that's good I don't want the leader of this pack to hate me" I said which made Mia chuckle.

We hugged for a bit and talked some more until she left to spend time with Jesse, Oh Mia you should no have gone through the pain but now I will revenge you on killing my step father when I get the chance to.




That night I left to the lake and of course Seth had to question me about where I was going and I said hike, I know I am a bad liar but even he believed me which was good, I walked through the forest trying to find this lake but it was so hard, all I did was follow the moonlight, when I got there it was the most amazing place ever. The lake had shone off the moonlight making it sparkle along with the trees and grass, but the grass was like a reddish colour which I kind of liked. This place was different a good different I wouldn't mind coming here to think.

"Ah there you are" Nick said.

I turned around to see Nick standing there arms in his pockets and his evil smirk, oh crap and it all blacked out for me. What was Nick going to do to me?



Mia's POV


It was past midnight and I didn't see Sophie anywhere and I began to freak out, where could she be? What if she gets hurt? I do hope she is okay, Jesse looked at me softly and placed his hand on mine.

"We will find her, but I need to transform first, once I do you need to get on" Jesse said.

I did what he said as he transformed, I grabbed his fur tightly and I felt Jesse ran to find Sophie. Please be okay Sophie please, Jesse had stopped in front of a house, I knew this house it was were Matthew and his pack lived, I got off Jesse and watched him transform into his human self.

"Jesse" I whimpered.

"I know baby I know" He whispered as we walked around to the front.

I peaked into the window to see Sophie and her step father talking, what the hell is she doing? I dropped when Nick turned so he couldn't see me, Jesse and I walked over to some bushes and hid. We watched as Sophie left the house. They shook hands before she left, what the hell did she just do? Jesse transformed back into his wolf self, I climbed on and watched the trees buzz past me as Jesse ran back to the house.

Once home I could not believe Sophie had just done a deal with the worst person on earth, her step father, I felt Jesse's arms wrap around my waist and his lips brush my against my cheek calming me down, Sophie walked through the door but I didn't want to say anything not now, Jesse and I walked up to my room where we fell asleep on the bed. But I have to ask her in the morning what what she was doing.

The next day I was in the gym, I punched the punching bag I needed to get everything I had out and I did it by the punching bag. I didn't care, I wanted the pain and memories to go away of that place and I know it wont.

"Babe what are you doing?" Jesse asked concerned as he hugged me from behind stopping me.

"I need to get everything out" I whispered.

Jesse swayed a little and kissed my cheek and the back of my head, "I will help you babe" He said.

i nodded and watched his as he walked behind the bag and nod, I punched it hard getting all of my anger out, when I did I fell to the ground and cried harder than ever. Jesse wrapped his arms around me tightly and kept my close to him, I cried in his chest. Jesse kept rubbing my back to my sure I was okay but he knew I wasn't he knew I was mentally and physically scared for the rest of my life.

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