The Private School Book 1 Of 3

Going to a new school is hard especially for Mia and her best friend Sophie. But its even harder falling for the most handsome guys in school who happen to be keeping a secret they are werewolves. Werewolves looking for their mates and it happens to be Mia and Sophie.


5. Chapter 5

This chapter is going to be a little bad, sorry guys I haven't been able to think have had a lot of things on my mind but I do hope you guys still like it, comment what you think about this chapter and what I should fix up. It would mean a lot to me please guys.












Mia's POV


A couple of days has past since the incident where Matthew kidnapped me and tortured me in that dudgeon and I haven't been able to sleep, I can't sleep at all because all I see when I close my ares are the basement, the smell of my blood and the laughter of Matthew's every-time he hurt me. It scared me and I didn't know what to do, I can't tell Jesse because he will flip and want more protection, I still haven't talked to the rest of the pack apart from Samantha and Jesse after what they had done and that actually hurt more than anything, I will forgive them but its going to take time.

Today the cheer-leading teams from different schools were competing for $25,000 that goes towards schooling things and scholarships, I am hoping I can prove myself to the team, I was sitting at the dinning room table and listened to Jesse as he talked to some of the pack, I can tell he is still pissed at the pack too, I mean who wouldn't be. I felt Jesse pick up my hand a kiss it, a massive smile spread across my face.

"Are you okay babe?" Jesse asked.

I looked at Jesse and nodded smiling, I know that today the pack was coming along to support us along with some of the school. I could hear Sophie and Seth talking about something but I don't want to know, its not my business. A few hours has past and we were at the stadium where we were performing today and I was so nervous, I haven't done these kind of stunts for ages but what I do love is when the crowd cheers when your name gets called it makes me realise who are really there for you, I used to look at the stands and fine Sophie sitting down and smiling.

Jesse had helped me cover up the scars I still have from Matthew's torture, he knows I don't want anyone to know what he did. In the corner of my eye I could see Britney and Louise getting ready for their big event, I didn't do too much to my face just covered up everything I needed. When I looked at them for a sort second they gave me a smile which I did not return since everything inside me hurt to even look at them but I had to forgive them.

"Mia we are truly sorry for what we did please talk to us" Britney pleaded as they got closer to me, I looked at them and felt a tear stream down my face and before I knew it they had both pulled me into their embrace and let my cry into their chests, I could feel Britney rubbing my back telling me everything was going to be alright and it helped a little. When I finished crying we pulled away, I wiped my eyes dry from the tears and felt Jesse's hand on my back.

"Mia babe are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah Jesse I am fine" I replied and placed my head in his chest as he wrapped his arm around my tightly, I smiled softly.

"Are you sure your up for this today?" Jesse asked.

"Yeah I am, I don't want to miss this out" I said.

"Are you sure Mia?" Louise asked.

I nodded feeling Jesse's lips on my hair, I knew he wanted me to rest but I haven't been able to rest and I want to be strong for Jesse and let him know I am strong enough to fight when the war comes, I want to be ready for anything. A few minutes later I felt Jesse pull away from me, I knew why we were about to go one soon.

"See you guys after, make us proud girls" Jesse said as he left.

Britney, Louise and I waved to him, as he left I faced the girls and smiled at little. Once every girl had finished getting ready we knew it was almost time to go on, but I could see some of my scars starting to show but no one could see them which was good, we heard the schools name get called and we knew than it was up to us to do everyone we know proud and I knew we would, we have the best cheer team in the world and as long as we work together nothing can go wrong. Right?

Halfway through over performance I felt dizzy and sick, I knew I had to make it out before I could sit down but it went black.




Jesse's POV


When I saw Mia fall I stood up and fast, I heard gasps from Britney and Louise's mouth as they saw Mia laying on the ground, I ran down the stairs of the bleachers only to be stopped by security at the bottom. I heard the music die down and Britney call for someone to get an ambulance, I had to get down there, I needed to be by Mia's side.

"Let him through!" Britney shouted at security and they left me down.

As they dropped their arms, I ran again and got to Mia's side before kneeling down and checking for a pluse, there was one which was a good sign but she didn't wake up even when I shook her and this scared me, I couldn't lose Mia, I can't lose her she is my everything.

"Mia please wake up" I whispered but nothing, I felt tears in my eyes.

Before I could do anything more arms came around my waist and pulled me away from Mia, I screamed and tried to fight but when I heard Seth's voice I knew he was the one who pulled me back, I still tried to fight but knew why as paramedics in a green uniform came running down. They kneeled down Mia's aid and checked everything like I did, before I knew it they had placed Mia onto a gurney and wheeled the gurney to the ambulance.

When I got out of Seth's embrace, I followed the paramedics and asked one what was going on but they wouldn't answer me it was as if I wasn't there, I sighed and watched them lift the gurney into the ambulance.

"Please she's my girlfriend" I said.

"Sir your girlfriend is in bad shape we need to get her to the hospital where they can give you more details" A paramedic said, I nodded and ran to my motorbike.

As I was settled onto my motorbike with helmet and bag on my back, I followed the ambulance to the hosptail not caring if I was speeding, I didn't want to go to the wrong hospital there was so many around here, I weaved in between the cars just so I could keep up to the ambulance. Once it had arrived at the hospital I parked into the visitors car park and heard the others coming, as I took my helmet off they all parked beside me.

"Do you know what is wrong with Mia?" Sophie asked, I shook my head and walked into the hospital.

"Hi I'm looking for my girlfriend Mia Smith" I said to the nurse.

"How did you get here so fast? She only just came in" The nurse said.

"I have my ways, please tell me what is wrong and where she is" I said feeling a lump in my throat.

"Miss Smith has some very bad injuries we think are due to abuse or torture, Miss Smith has a hair line fracture to her skull, a few broken and bruised ribs, she hasn't been eating and the doctors think she hasn't slept either" The nurse said.

I heard everyone gasp behind me, yeah they didn't know she was tortured.

"Her room number is 302 but only you and family are allowed at the moment the others can wait until 5:30" The nurse said, I nodded and thanked her.

Now I have to find room 302, I walked down the halls of the hospital trying to find this one room. Once I had found it I told the others to stay outside and thank god they listened, I walked into Mia's hospital room closing the door behind me and what I saw broke my heart. Mia had endless needles placed into her beautiful white skin which was now bruised, everything about her this way broke my heart, I felt a tear fall but wiped it off as I reached Mia.

"Oh Mia please wake up, I should have seen this I am so sorry" I mumbled quietly, I couldn't let the others know I was crying.

I sat on the chair behind me and watched Mia as she slept, she looked peaceful and that's the Mia I want back not the one hurting or being scared to sleep. I mean I can understand why she can't sleep what Matthew did to her would have scared her, if I was in Mia's shoes I would be scared to, I was scared when my parents died I couldn't sleep for weeks, but I watched them die when I was around 11-12. But I also have a feeling that Mia's wolf is starting to show, my inner wolf can sense it so he is getting excited, that would mean Sophie will have hers as well, I need to talk to the pack when Mia is better about training and protecting Mia and Sophie.

I don't want something like this to happen again not to Mia anyway, I know if this happened to Sophie Seth would be after the people who did this to her. I heard the door opened so I turned to see Sophie walking in and I frowned.

"I told you to stay outside" I said.

'I just wanted to know how she was" Sophie said walking up.

"Well not good thanks to you and the others, if you weren't mean to her she wouldn't have run away, Matthew wouldn't have gotten a hold of her and tortured her" I snarled.

"Hey! If I could turn back time I would fix what I did but I can't, I feel bad for what I did I know I shouldn't have done if. Mia is like a sister to me and she always will be a sister, if you want to hate me forever go for it but just know I didn't want to do it" Sophie said.

"You didn't have to, maybe next time you should think before you act and if you were a sister to her and she is a sister to you, you shouldn't treat her like crap" I snapped and felt Mia shift so I turned to face Mia and I could tell she was going to wake up.

I watched Mia's eyes flutter open and smile tilting her head towards me, "Hey" I whispered and kissed her fingers.

"Hey, what happened?" Mia asked.

"You fainted at the competition" I said.

Mia nodded, "I wanted to wait it out but I wasn't strong enough to, do Britney and Louise hate me?" Mia asked.

"No actually they don't, they blame themselves for what happened to you but they were by your side like me, Britney was trying to get someone to call the ambulance and Louise was trying to make you feel comfortable on the ground" I said and Mia nodded.

Her eyes drifted to Sophie, "What are you doing in here?" She asked.

'I wanted to see if your alright" Sophie said, Mia nodded a little but turned away.



Unknown's POV


I watched Jesse, Mia and Sophie in the hospital room, I am going to give Jesse and piece of my mind when I can get him alone, what his parents had done to mine, I am going to make Mia watch as I tare Jesse apart and watch her cry and scream at me to stop like I did to Jesse's parents.

"One day Jesse one day" I mumbled to myself.

I have to befriend them somehow but I don't know how, I will find a way. Maybe I will befriend Samantha and see what happens then, I know secrets about Samantha she hasn't told anyone nor Mia. Maybe I could tare the pack apart like I almost did once before, I will do it again and again until I succeed in what I am doing.

Goodbye pack.

Goodbye Friendship

Goodbye Love

Goodbye Jesse

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