The Private School Book 1 Of 3

Going to a new school is hard especially for Mia and her best friend Sophie. But its even harder falling for the most handsome guys in school who happen to be keeping a secret they are werewolves. Werewolves looking for their mates and it happens to be Mia and Sophie.


3. Chapter 3

Seth’s POV
The next day I couldn't help but think about Sophie man she was just so cute and pretty, bad I know something bad is happening to her I can feel it, last night Jesse mated with Mia, basically he snuck into her room and bit her on the neck and I think Mia felt like it was a dream well when she wakes up she will find to bite marks in her neck and that will happen. Anyway back to Sophie even though I haven’t bitten her yet I still feel like she is in danger but I don’t know who by and if I can stop it.

“Seth hurry up man!” Jesse shouted up to me.

“I;m coming!” I shouted back.

When I was fully dressed, I grabbed my bag and made my way down stairs and I could see Jesse looking so weak.

“Hey mate are you okay?” I asked.

“I don’t know man, this morning I woke up and felt weak” Jesse mumbled.

“Maybe its because you just mated or something like that” I said.

“Maybe, anyway I know today is pupil free day but I wanted the pack to hang out and train, I can feel a war coming and I can tell the war is not going to be pretty” Jesse said, I nodded and called the others down the stairs.

We had a new girl arrive her name was Crystal and she was really nice, she had blue hair and everything and she was also pretty. I watched as the pack walked down the stairs yawning like hell, I didn't know what all of them did last night but I say they didn't get enough sleep.

“Alright guys we are going to the forest around here to train okay” Jesse said.

“Why?” Brian whined.

Jesse and I rolled our eyes and Jesse explained about the war he is feeling and how we need to be prepared for anything, everyone but Brian nodded. As we got deeper into the forest away from everyone and everything we transformed into our wolf forms, I was the alpha, Seth was my beta, Steven, Brian and Samantha were scouts and the rest were prawns basically like chess how they are at the front protecting us along with the scouts.
Sophie’s POV
My mother and I were fighting on the phone, I couldn't believe she had taken my step dad’s side over mine, this pisses me off because she can’t believe her own daughter, I told her I was staying with Mia for a while and I knew she didn't like that well touch I don’t want to be abused anymore I don’t want to live in fear of walking through the doors of my own home. I know my step dad only married my mum for the money my mum has, my mum isn't loaded but she isn't poor she is on the side of being rich just like Mia’s family.

When my mother and I finished fighting I couldn't take it anymore so I just ran, ran out of Mia’s house and into the forest not caring about anything else, I needed to get away from my so called family for a bit, I needed time to think time alone. I felt tears well up as I started to think back to the times when mum wasn't married to Nick and how we did everything together and now all we do is fight it kills me inside. Now Mia knows about my step dad abusing me and I know that she wants to kill him for it, I would join her but Mia isn't that type of person to kill someone. When I got further into the forest I bumped into something, something hard and soft, I fell to the ground and opened my eyes to see a massive wolf turning around to look at me.

I couldn’t help but scream, I screamed as loud as I could as the wolf started to walk up to me, I backed away but I wasn’t fast enough and I felt the tongue of the wolf lick my face. Eww that was just gross. Before I knew it I was on the back of the brown wolf, the one next to him was dark brown but a bit bigger, all of a sudden there was another ear piercing scream they turned around again to see Mia standing there tears running down her cheeks, the dark brown wolf began to walk up to Mia but she just kept backing away making the dark brown wolf ears fold down.

“Mia stop your upsetting the wolf” I said to her.

Mia looked up at me and saw her tears better, I know Mia never cried not once in her life has she cried not like what she was now.

“Why did you run Sophie? Why I almost died when I thought he took you?" Mia asked crying.

I instantly felt guilty but as I said before I needed time to think, “I’m sorry I needed time to think” I said telling the truth.
The dark brown wolf began to walk up to Mia again and placed his head on Mia’s shoulder, Mia than wrapped his arms around the wolf and cried in its fur, everyone just watched as this was happening, thoughts started going through my mind as to why Mia was crying so hard. Was it my step dad? Her parents? But I know it could be anything. When the dark brown wolf and Mia separated both wolf’s looked at each other, I got off the brown one and walked next to Mia rubbing her back. The wolfs all looked at each other and nodded like they were talking, the rest but two left, all of a sudden the wolfs transformed into Jesse and Seth. Mine and Mia’s mouth dropped instantly, Jesse walked up to Mia and ran his hand over the bite that was on her neck did he do that.

“We wanted to tell you guys but it was going to be hard” Seth said to us.

“I’m sorry for biting you Mia, but I needed to mark you” Jesse said.

“Why?” Mia asked.

“Your my mate Mia, which means we are connected by love and blood, I know you like me too it’s not that hard to tell” Jesse said making Mia blush.

Jesse and Mia hugged tightly.

“You’re my mate Sophie but I haven’t bitten you, I won’t yet not until you trust me, I know you have a hard time trusting people” Seth said to me which made me nod.

“Also guys every pack of werewolves know who you are so you will be staying with us if that is fine with you two” Jesse said.

Mia and I nodded instantly, Jesse grabbed Mia’s hand and we started to walk to their place when we saw the rest of the pack standing there in there human form.

“Mia and Sophie this is the pack, Samantha, Louise, Britney, Crystal the newbie, Marcel, Brian, Steven and Taylor guys this is my mate Mia and Seth’s mate Sophie. Also Mia and Sophie I am the Alpha and Seth is my beta which means second in command and runs things when I’m not here” Jesse said.

“Hi” I waved to them.

The pack waved back, as Mia and I walked in we couldn't believe our eyes the place was beautiful inside and out.

“My siblings live here as well, but they have school” Jesse announced.

I nodded along with Mia who was too much in amusement of the place, I knew she has always dreamed about living in a beautiful house, in the corner of my eye I could see Samantha smiling proudly at Mia but why? Why was Samantha so fond of Mia? Maybe we will find out soon, I was soon cut out of my thinking mode as Seth grabbed my hand and I felt my cheeks heat up.

“We are going to show you around than your rooms okay” Jesse said to us.

“Okay” I replied but Mia appeared to be somewhere else.
When we had finished the tour of the house and shown to our rooms, I was sitting in Mia’s and I knew something was up with her but she wouldn't speak, maybe she was in shock, Mia looked at me and sighed a little.

“I’m scared Sophie” Mia responded.

“Why?” I asked.

“Just of everything I guess” Mia whispered to me, all I did was hug her and tell her everything was going to be okay but I had a strong feeling it wasn't going to be okay, I saw Mia’s bedroom door open and Jesse appear.

“Sophie can I speak to Mia alone?”  He asked.

“Yeah sure” I said and stood up leaving the room.

Mia’s POV
I felt Jesse’s arm wrap around my waist, I got closer towards him somehow I felt safe around him like nothing could hurt me.

“Mia are you okay?” Jesse asked me.

“No Jesse, I’m scared of everything about what’s going to happen to you, me, my friends, your pack” I said.

“Oh Mia everyone is scared… Hell even I am I can’t stop thinking about what will happen tomorrow, I can’t help but think about the war that’s coming and I know I don’t want to bring you are Sophie into this but when I first met you Mia I felt something, something in me that has never happened before and I was scared but then I realized you were my mate and I knew I had to protect you from any harm. But this morning I could feel that a battle was going to come along with another pack and hunters killers of my kind and I didn't want you to be here now”  Jesse whispered.

“I know what you’re saying, you scared I might get hurt or worse but let me tell you something I can kick some butt when I want to” I said a smile forming onto my lips as I heard Jesse chuckle.

“Oh Mia you just get better and better” Jesse whispered and kissed the top of my head.

I couldn’t help but kiss Jesse on the cheek, he had saved me from just about everything and he also saved Sophie which I was more grateful for. That night I fell asleep in Jesse arms we were still in my room and he didn't want to leave me alone, his arms felt so warm and cozy, my head was on his chest along with one of my hands, I’m just glad I found someone who is willing to love me for me and nothing else.

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