The Private School Book 1 Of 3

Going to a new school is hard especially for Mia and her best friend Sophie. But its even harder falling for the most handsome guys in school who happen to be keeping a secret they are werewolves. Werewolves looking for their mates and it happens to be Mia and Sophie.


2. Chapter 2


Sophie’s POV
Mia and I were walking home after our first day at our new school, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be I think Mia felt the same way but I wasn’t quite sure. We have been friends since primary we are best friends almost sisters we tell each other everything, but I haven’t told her everything which I feel very bad about, my step father or step jerk I call him abuses me and my mother doesn’t even care. But he does it when she is out so she won’t know what he is doing, I hugged my jacket close as a cold brush wind blew past me, I shivered a little.

“Sophie are you okay? You are really quiet” Mia said.

I looked at Mia and nodded softly, “Yeah I am fine” I said trying to reassure my best friend I was fine.

I know Mia knows me to well but she leaves it, she knows I do lose my temper sometimes, a black shadow formed on the ground, I stopped walking was someone following us all I could do was look around but I couldn't see anyone. Okay this is just freaky, I wanted to call out but Mia took me out of my trance waving her hand in my face.

“Earth to Sophie, it’s getting late and you have curfew and you know your step dad doesn’t like you being late” Mia said, I could hear the concern in her voice.

“Sorry I was just in thought sorry, yeah your right we should get home” I said.

The sun was setting and fast I had to be home before 5 and it was already 4:50, shit I couldn’t be late or he will defiantly beat me. When I arrived home it was 5:01 shit I was a minute late home this is not going to end well, when I opened the door I heard his voice.

“Your late Sophie and you know what the means don’t you” His tone was hard.

“Isn’t my mother here?” I asked cringing back a little.

“No she is not she is out with brother and that means you and me have some time alone” He said.

Shit this is not good at all, my step jerk grabbed my by the hair and slammed me against the wall punching me in the gut and dropping me to the ground.

“You are a fuckin disgrace Sophie” He shouted at me before kicking me hard in the stomach making me cough.
When he was finished with me he left me to fend for myself which meant standing up, I knew that one day I would crack, I had no idea what to do everything hurt and I know my mother won’t believe me because she loves my step jerk Nick so much. I sighed to myself and walked into my room. Maybe I should move in with Mia, I know she would let me stay with her but the would me I have to tell her what’s going on and that scared me.
Mia’s POV
I still wasn’t talking to my parents even if they tried I just ignored them, even though this school is working out for Sophie and I it still hurts knowing I had to leave my other friends behind, I’m not even allowed to visit them that’s how strict my father is. He doesn’t let me have a word in anything; he won’t even let me day or make any other friends so this is why I am not going to tell them about Marcel and Britney because I know he would just yell at me. It does hurt knowing that my father doesn’t trust me; I wonder what would happen if I turn 18 would he let me do anything or will he still control me.

Later that night I decided to go to bed since my parents were both at work my mother is a nurse and my father is a doctor so you could say we have a good pay coming into the house, when I laid on the bed I checked the time it was 11:45pm and I tried to sleep but I just couldn’t. Was I too worried about Sophie, I know something is wrong but she won’t tell me what is going in her house, if she is getting abused I will personally hurt her step father and I finally drifted off to sleep.
I was woken up by a knock at the front the door, who the hell knocks at this time, I groaned and sat up throwing a dressing gown over my body and walked over to the door unlocking it. When I opened it I saw Sophie standing there.

“Sophie” Was all I could say.

She was shaking so bad and she looked like she was in so much pain, I opened the fly-screen door and let her inside.

“Sophie what are you doing here? At midnight?” I asked as I looked at the clock.

“I needed a place to stay” She mumbled softly.

I nodded and helped Sophie up the stairs and into my room. “Before we sleep Sophie I need to know something…” Before I could keep on speaking Sophie spoke up.

“Yes I am being abused by Nick” Sophie said.

I knew it all I could do was hug Sophie and rub her back as she cried in my chest, Sophie was crying hard I have never seen Sophie cry before in my life she is always so strong. I am the one who cries over something stupid, I let Sophie take my bed. I laid on the ground after I had turned out the light and fell asleep.

The next day I woke up I knew I had to tell my parents that Sophie was staying with us for a while, I stood up and walked out of my room Sophie was still asleep and I could tell she needed the sleep. When I entered the kitchen I could see my parents talking about something but I don’t know what nor do I want to know.

“Mum and dad” I said and they looked at me.

“Yeah sweetheart” Mum said as my dad rolled his eyes at me.

“Umm… Sophie is staying with us for a while is that okay?” I asked.

My mums face lighted up but my father was still looking angry.

“Yes it is honey” Mum said.

I smiled and hugged my mum leaving them to talk again. A few hours had past Sophie and I had left for school, Sophie filled me in on everything that Nick had done to her and I felt so bad for her going through that pain every day, when we walked into the school gates Marcel and Britney walked up to us.

“Hey” Sophie and I said.

“Hey guys, so we talked to our friends and well they want to meet you guys” Marcel said.

I nodded I hope they are nice like Marcel and Britney, we just have to wait and see. Sophie and I followed Marcel and Britney to the school parking lot and waited, I could hear faint motorbike sounds. That’s what entered the school 3 motorbikes a girl was on the back of one.

“Are these your friends?” Sophie asked and Britney nodded.

I couldn’t help but smile, when the motorbikes stopped running a guy took off his helmet and the others followed, it was Jesse. Marcel and Britney are friends with Jesse the most hottest boy at this school the one who bumped into me yesterday and helped with my books the one the makes me weak to my knees. Jesse and the others walked up to us.

“Hello Mia again” He smiled at me.

“Hi” My voice squeaked and I quickly covered it making him chuckle.
“Jesse this is Sophie, Sophie and Mia our friends Seth, Taylor and Louise” Britney said.

“Wait wait how do you know Jesse?” Sophie asked me.

“We bumped into each other yesterday” Jesse said.

I smiled at him softly thanking him in my head, I could see Sophie nod and look at Seth who looked at her, Seth gave Sophie a soft smile.

“Ooh Seth is smiling at a girl” Marcel chuckled the others followed along.

“So do you two want to hang out with us today?” Jesse asked.

“If that is okay with you” I said.

What? Stupid fuckin brain making me say this I just met Jesse but I couldn't help but feel so safe and warm around him, what does the mean?

“Yeah of course I do, Sophie?” Jesse asked.

“Yeah sure” She said.

“Great” Jesse smiled and that’s when we became friends.

When it was lunch time Sophie and I had followed Britney and Marcel to the canteen, we got to Jesse’s table and sat down. We had every girl stare at Sophie and I, maybe they thought the same way as me or they just liked Jesse because he is fuckin hot and fit.

“You know staring is rude” Jesse’s voice chuckled.

I didn’t know I was staring, I could feel my cheek heat up and I looked down so he couldn't see but Sophie had to but in.
“Ooh Mia’s blushing” Sophie said and I just glared at her but it turned into a laugh.

Throughout lunch we got to know them pretty well I could see Jesse staring at me a few times, he would smile than look away. Sophie and I found out that Jesse, Seth, Marcel and Taylor where on the football team, Jesse was the captain of the team and that Britney and Louise were on the cheer-leading team, Britney was the cheer captain and I could tell why she was so fit and perfect.

“Mia you should try out for the team” Sophie said as she heard there was a position that needed to be taken.

“No no way, you know me Sophie I can’t do any of that stuff not after what happened” I whispered and the others just looked at us.

A few years ago before the Olympics I was training since I was selected to compete but one day in training I fell and landed hard on my leg breaking that in two places and when I went back I was too scared to do any of that stuff so I gave up.

“Give it a go please” Sophie wined and I could hear Britney and Louise nodding along with Sophie.

“Okay fine”  I said.

“Great Mia after school meet me after school in the gym” Britney said

I nodded and stood up leaving the lunchroom, I sighed to myself and sat down on a bench in front of the school and closed my eyes for a second and I felt someone sit next to me.

“You know you don’t have to try out” Jesse’s voice rang through me, I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“It’s not that I want to I had an accident a couple of years ago” I mumbled softly and I could tell Jesse wanted to know so I told him about my fall.

I felt his hand rub my back, “I don’t get it you are like the most fittest guy in school not to mention handsome and you don’t have a girlfriend” I said to him.

I’m waiting for someone, my true someone” He said looking at me.

I smiled and nodded, I wish I could be like that but you know my father won’t even let me near a guy and if he saw me with Jesse now he would freak.

“Do you want me to come today?” Jesse asked.

“If you want to, don’t you have football training?” I asked.

“Yeah but we need to use the gym for other things to” Jesse said.

I nodded and smiled.
When school had ended I met Britney in the gym there was other girls there to, but I had to do my best and I know I could, I changed it a crop top and leggings, when I walked in I saw Jesse talking to Britney and when he looked at me his mouth just dropped, he walked over to me.

“Man your fit” He said.

I could feel my cheeks heat up.

“Good luck” He whispered in my ear and I walked up to Britney.

Once I got to her she smiled at me and the others, Britney told us what we needed to do to get into the cheer-leading team, but I haven’t done any tricks since the accident I was scared of getting hurt again, I could see Sophie looking at me from a far she knew I was scared but I couldn’t let the other girls know lucky I was not first otherwise I would have chocked I knew all the other girls were trying to impress Jesse but I needed to prove to myself I could do this that I wasn’t scared.

“Mia your next” Britney said.

I nodded after when Megan had finish her routine Britney nodded at me and I took a massive breath and I could remember the dance I was going to do a the Olympics, the jump I landed wrong on was coming up but I had to do it. It was the triple flip plus cartwheel and I did it landing perfectly all the other girls looked at me mouth dropped, I saw Jesse and Sophie smiling from a far. Sophie walked up and hugged me spinning me around which made me laugh, Sophie stopped and put me down.

“Alright in the team are Mia-Jane and Megan Frawley” Britney said smiling at me.

Sophie squealed she was more excited than me, Britney walked over and hugged me I smiled and hugged her back. After I got changed Sophie and I headed off to my house.


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