The Private School Book 1 Of 3

Going to a new school is hard especially for Mia and her best friend Sophie. But its even harder falling for the most handsome guys in school who happen to be keeping a secret they are werewolves. Werewolves looking for their mates and it happens to be Mia and Sophie.


1. Chapter 1

couldn't believe my parents were sending me to a private school, in my whole life I never thought my parents would do this. I had great friends, grades and everything was perfect but now in the middle of the school year my parents decide its best for me to go to this posh private school called ‘Chester Hall College’  but I was happy because my best friend Sophie was coming with me since her parents were doing the same but it still sucks. The one thing I am scared of about going to this new school is that people will thing I am a nerdy posh girl but I’m noting like that. I sighed to myself and walked out of my room since today we were having a tour so we could see what the school was like, mum looked over at me and sighed getting out of her seat and walking over.

“Honey it’s for the best” She said to me with her warm smile.

Yeah right, I didn't answer her I just turned away and heard mum sigh again good. Before we left mum picked up Sophie from her house she only lives a street away which is good.

“How are you Sophie?” Mum asked.

“I’m okay Mrs. Smith” Sophie replied softly and looked over at me and shook her head.

I nodded and sighed looking out of the window. The ride to Chester Hall College was long and silent rain dropped heavy onto the car roof, that is all we need. When mum parked her car we all stepped out to see the Posh students all in uniform this is one school I will hate going to this is going to suck like shit. Sophie and I followed my mum to the Principal’s office once there the door read ‘Principal Haven Slatley.’ My mum knocked on the door and Principal Slatley answered with a warm smile and escorted us in to her office.

“Welcome Mia and Sophie to Chester Hall College were all your grades are marked on attendance, attitude, uniform and work. This college we do no slack of we do our work to an A percentage we have a variety of sports here at Chester Hall like soccer, cheerleader  tennis and many more you at least have to be involved in one circulator activity which could be setting up charity balls, formal comity, spring dance or anything you think of” Principal Slatley said making Sophie and I nod.

Principal Slatley showed us around the school, Sophie and I past some hot guys who were talking to their friends by their lockers, they looked at us and smiled softly but turned away like we did, man they were so cute I wonder if they are free. Who am I kidding boys who look so cute and have amazing muscles are bound to have girlfriends.

The next day Sophie and I arrived at the school, I’m still not talking to my parents nor is Sophie talking to her I am who am I kidding sending Sophie and I to a new school right in the middle of year 10. I had good grades and amazing friends at my old school and not its gone to waste, I hate posh schools they make me sick to my stomach only because everyone thinks low of people.

“You ready Sophie?” I asked her as we were about to enter the school.

“As I’ll ever be” Sophie had answered.

I smiled at her and we entered the school halls, like I said posh students glaring at us as we walked down the halls, laughing and oh yeah gossiping. What’s knew huh nothing really, all schools are the same sometimes. Since we had our tour yesterday the principal had given us our timetables already now all we had to do was find out lockers and classroom, when we got to our lockers we were right near the jocks great I can’t deal with their snickering or anything else a jock does. Sophie and I had a look over our timetables and we had 1st, 3rd and 5th together which was good I am also hoping I make some new friends, Sophie and I were looking for room 203, so many stairs and rooms this school is so hard when we found the classroom Sophie and I knew we were already late.

I opened the door to see the teacher look up and smile, wow all the students were sitting down quietly and doing their work, maybe this school isn't as bad as I thought, well you never know but I must see how it goes I guess.

“Ah you must be the new students Mia and Sophie, welcome to Biology 101 where the finest students will make it out, I’m your teacher Mrs Smyth” Mrs Smyth said.

Sophie and I mumbled our hi’s and found some seats up the back and sat down, Mrs Smyth walked up to us and handed us our texts books.

“Pages 151” She said before walking off.

Sophie and I opened our texts books and turned to page 151 and started our work, every 10 minutes Mrs Smyth would walk up to us and help us with our work and the other students didn't care at all they just did their work.

“I know you guys are behind on some work but you can catch up quickly you two seem very bright” Mrs Smyth said.

“Thank you Mrs and yeah we will” Sophie said.

When the lesson had ended, Sophie and I departed to our classes, I had PE which I hated since I wasn't very athletic  and Sophie had History.


Sophie’s POV

As I headed to History I couldn't help but smile, history was one of my favourite subjects in school. On my way to room 405 I bumped into some guys, I mumbled a sorry but didn't expect to hear what came out of his mouth.

“Watch it kid” He snapped.

Wow okay a bit out their much, I hated when guys or jocks act like they own the school jocks are the worst they think they can get any girl date her oh and break the poor girls heart. When I entered room 405 I didn’t know where to sit everyone had their groups but I saw a boy and a girl sitting in the middle, I walked over to them.

“Do you mind if I sit?” I asked.

“No your fine, your Sophie right?” A girl asked.

“Yeah I am, how did you know?” I asked as I sat down next to them.

“You’re in our English class along with your friend Mia, if you two need any help catching up you can ask us, I’m Marcel by the way” Marcel said.

“And I’m Britney his girlfriend” Britney said.

“It’s nice to meet you both, thanks for letting me sit with you guys” I said.

“No problem some people at this school can be dickheads but we aren’t one of them” Britney said.

I smiled softly, Britney let me borrow her text book since she was sitting next to Marcel I have to say they were so cute. Oh I wish I had a boyfriend but no guy is ever interested in me, I wish I found someone, someone like Marcel who is nice and caring. The whole lesson Mr Karp our History teacher would ask us a random question and Marcel would always know the answer, I answered some and everyone but Britney and Marcel seemed surprised that I knew the answer. Just because I am knew doesn’t mean I can’t know some things. When the lesson had ended, I went to my other ones which where Math, Drivers Ed, PE and Health. Britney, Marcel and I had all of the same classes together which was cool, I introduced Mia to Britney and Marcel and they were friends in like 2 seconds. Mia, Britney, Marcel and I were walking out of last period, Mia told me she had to go to her locker for a few seconds and I told her I’d meet her outside.


Jesse’s POV

Seth my best friend and I were hanging out in the seniors lounge we are both year 12’s and I couldn't be happier that I was finishing school, I loved being a jock but sometimes it gets annoying. Seth and I looked up as we heard a couple of them talking amoungst themselves.

“The girl that walked into me will pay” Samuel snickered.

“Dude lay off she is new” Travis another jock had replied.

Samuel and Travis must be talked about one of the new girls that had started today, we met them yesterday walking through the halls and man they were beautiful and Seth agrees with me here which was good.

Seth looked at me for a second and asked, “Mate what are we going to do?”

I shrugged my shoulders, I honestly didn't know what to do since I barely knew the girls but I will not let them get hurt. Oh I forgot to tell you Seth and I are werewolves, we have our own pack that are also in this school Marcel, Britney, Louise who is new, Taylor and outside of school is Samantha, Steven and Brian, I am the alpha of the pack, Seth is second alpha meaning if I get hurt he takes over. My parents were alphas but they were killed by hunters when I was very young, I looked over at Seth and started to think of what we should do, we couldn't let the new girls get hurt.

“What are you thinking about mate?” Seth asked.

“Just thinking about the newbies” I said the one with the long straight brown hair with her beautiful hazel brown eyes. Could she be my mate? Well we just have to wait and see what happens.

“Dude they are so hot” Seth said, I smiled at him and nodded.

When the last bell of the day rang every year 12 stood up and made their way out, Seth and I were the first ones, I didn’t watch where I was going since I was trying to find the pack when I bumped into someone, I heard the girl gasp and books drop to the ground.

“I’m sorry” I said kneeling down to help her.

“Its fine” She said picking up her books, I smiled to myself and helped her.

I could tell it was the one I had the connection with, when all her books where back in her arms we both stood up.

“I’m Jesse” I said holding my hand out.

“Mia one of the new girls” Mia said and shook my waiting hand.

I smiled softly, “its nice meeting you Mia I am sorry about bumping into you” I said.

“Its fine you don’t need to be sorry, anyway I should get going, bye Jesse” Mia said and walked off.

I sighed when she did and watched her leave; I loved the way her hair moved with her body. When I met up with the pack we all left on our motorcycles and drove off home. Yes we live together sort of like the Cullen family in Twilight. My younger siblings live with us as well I mean I couldn't leave them behind, they are starting to change just like I did when I was 10.

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