I think I remember

Niall Horan, famous, cute,sweet,perfect
But not to Kayla, she hates him
They were so close nobody could separate them, but, X factor came along,Niall left, Kayla was alone, worst of all, he forgot she existed, can Kayla forgive him, or will she forget him too?


1. Promise?

Erins P.O.V

The sun was shining through my window brightly, it was burning my face, so i got up and went to shut the blinds, but as i went to shut it, Niall was in front of it, holding a sign that said

"About time you woke up"

You see Niall and I are BEST FRIENDS, he means everything to me, he is perfect,amazing, i love

him, in fact, i have a HUGE crush on him.

"Sorry, i need my beauty sleep"

"You don't need it" said Niall

I blushed

" you better get ready for school" he said

I looked at my clock


I ran and put on white vans,skinny jeans, a blue top, and a soccer hoodie. I ran down stairs said bye to my mom and left

"Your hair" said Niall

"I'll just do it at school"

In the meantime I just put it up in a ponytail

Once we got to school, i did my hair properly and said hi to my other friends, and went to all my classes,but ran into a few bullies, i just told them to shut up and that they are losers,(like always), but as i looked for Niall,i found him in the gym talking to another girl. They seemed like they were just friends, but once Niall saw me he left her.

"Who was that?"I asked

"Some girl, she just randomly walked up to me" he said

"Oh, hey Ni?"


"Can you promise me something?"

"Of course I can"

"Promise we will always be best friends, and that no matter what happens we will be together forever?"

"Kayla, i promise,you will always be my best friend,no matter what, we will be together for ever, in fact, lets put this in writing"

Niall's P.O.V

I pulled out a piece of paper and a pen and wrote that we will be best friends forever etc. We both signed it, while Kayla was signing it, i looked at her amazing brown eyes and long ombre hair, and those perfect freckles, i love her, but she cant like me,im just me.

After that we walked home and started our homework

(AUTHORS NOTE: sorry its really bad, its my 1st time, what do u think? And sorry about the font thing)

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