Impossible Love

This story is about a sixteen year old girl named Julia, that lives in London England. She is the geek in school and nobody likes her. But, what will happen when one direction transfer to her school, and she falls madly in love with one of them. Will he feel the same way. Find out in Impossible Love.


8. Terrifyingly Unsuspected

                       As I sat at home alone contemplating my actions from earlier that day, I was pegged with an extreme guilt. I felt like it was overtaking my body and I had to do something about it. I grabbed my book bag and slung it over my left shoulder as I walked out the door. Before I knew it I was back at school and walking into the detention room with a guilty look on my face.

     " Glad you could make it Ms. Kalinowski." Mr. Hobard said with great pride behind his voice knowing that I was defeated. I glared at him evilly and took a seat beside Zayn.

     Zayn started to laugh. " I knew you wouldn't skip out on detention. You're way too goody for that."

     I slapped him on the arm and then realized that he was there too. " Then what are you doing here? Zayn Malik a little scared of extra detentions."

     " No." He said quickly snorting through his noise. " I have to keep a good rep for the boys. If you haven't noticed, we are back at high school for a reason."

      I looked at him shocked. " What do you mean back at high school?"

      He looked at me puzzled. " You do know that we are famous right?"

     "Yes. Famous in the UK right?"

       He looked at me and his mouth dropped open. " Julia, we are aren't just local super stars. We're global super stars. We have a vacation house in L.A for fuck sakes. I still can't believe you didn't know who we were until Louis showed you one of our music videos."

       My mouth dropped open. "So, you never graduated high school then?"

      " Nope. Well, Niall, Liam, Harry, and I didn't. Louis did but, he's going back for support. Management says if we graduate high school then maybe it will make us look more responsible and make up for our resent recklessness."

     I nodded my head in an understanding motion and said. " So, how old are you guys?"

     " Well, " Zayn started. " Legally you can't date Harry because he's 20, Liam, Niall, and I are 21. Louis being the oldest is going to be 23 on December 24th. He really isn't allowed back in high school so, we had to bribe the school a shit load of money to let him in."

       " Well, if you put it that way it really isn't in your favour either Malik. You are older then Harry. It just makes it even more against the law." I laughed because I knew that I had defeated the hidden message in his earlier statement.

      He frowned and said. " I know, it really does suck to be old." He leaned in closer to me and whispered. " Because, if I was younger I would have kissed you already." I felt a shiver go down my spine as I sat paralyzed in my chair.

      At that Mr. Hobard came back in and told us we were free to leave. As I went to walk out of the classroom he pulled me aside and said. " I'm sorry I was so hard on you earlier. The rest of your detentions are dropped."

     I smiled at him kindly and said. " Well, thanks Mr. Hobard that's really nice of you."

    I walked out of the room and began to walk down the corridor to the front doors. All of the sudden I felt a strong hand reach out for me and pull me into a janitors closet. It was extremely dark and I had no clue what was going on. " Hello?" I whispered into the darkness.

    "Shh, Julia it's just me." I hears a thick Irish accent call through the looming infinity of darkness.

     " Niall," I questioned. " Why are you in a janitors closet and why did you drag me in here?" With that a light turned on from behind me and I now notice how close in proximity Niall was to me. I cleared my throat but he didn't back away. " Um, Niall? Hello?"

        He looked me straight in the eyes and I saw an unknown wickedness that I had never seen before in his eyes. " I'm sorry Jul's." He whispered seeing the terror in my eyes. " I didn't want it to happen like this but I Just have to...."

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