Impossible Love

This story is about a sixteen year old girl named Julia, that lives in London England. She is the geek in school and nobody likes her. But, what will happen when one direction transfer to her school, and she falls madly in love with one of them. Will he feel the same way. Find out in Impossible Love.


5. Night at Louis - Part 1

        I walked out of the classroom at the end of school and went to my locker to grab my books for tonight. To my surprise Bailie and her posy weren't waiting to embarrass me as per usual. Instead I was met by the smiling faces of my five newly made best friends.

      All of them waved hi to me and I waved hi back. We swiftly walked down the hallway with ease as people from all directions stopped to stare at the boys. I rolled my eyes knowing that they only want them for their voices and fame. They didn't even know the boys like I did.

     As we got outside of the school Louis said " So, who's up for watching a movie tonight. I hear that Mondays are cheap nights at the video store."

      I looked at him quizzically. " If I go to your house I would have to lie to my Mom."

      He just shrugged his shoulders and said. " The decisions up to you Love."

      I looked him in the eye and with a heavy sigh replied. " Fine."

      I quickly texted my mom telling her that I was going to a study group until 11 to study for an Algebra test.

     She quickly responded with: Okay, be back by no later then 12 sweet heart.

     I smiled at the boys and said. " I have until 12." The boys all cheered and we got into or cars and drove to Louis' house.

     Louis' house was fairly massive. As I walked through the door I was met with the gracious scent of the ocean. He led me through the house showing the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining room, and finally he opened the door to the basement.

       I was instantly greeted with the smell of freshly buttered popcorn and chocolate bars. On one wall was a theater sized screen with seats set up around it. I sat down in a seat next to Harry and Louis popped in Divergent.

       I was really excited because I had never seen the movie before. I sat back and watched as Tris journeyed through the movie and all of the obstacles she had to face. At the part in the movie where Four kisses Tris Zayn leaned over in my ear and said. " That could be us you know. I know I'm not always the best around girls but, I would be that for you." I looked at him surprised

       I leaned over and said. " Sorry but, I'm not looking for anyone right now." He nodded his head at me and I focused my attention back towards the screen.

       After the movie we all went back upstairs to Louis' bedroom and I made a running start for the bed. All of the boys started to laugh as I launched myself onto his king size bed. I slowly rolled onto my back and just relaxed onto his white cotton comforter. Louis came and layed down beside me, touched my nose with his finger and said. " Having fun Love?"

       I looked at him and started to laugh. " What is this bed made out of, clouds or something?" He chuckled a little bit. Then I said. " Man, I could definitely get used to this bed." I heard a loud gulp come from Louis' throat, and I started to rethink what I said. All I could think at the time was. "Oh shit. Louis thinks I want him." I turned to look at Louis. " That came out wrong didn't it." He shook his head in a way as to say yes. " Oh come on Louis. You know I didn't mean it like that. I don't think of you in that way. Loosen up a  little bit."

             He started to chuckle again and said. " I never doubted that for a second Love." He poked me with his finger and got off of the bed.

        To my surprise Niall started to talk. " And on that awkward note, Lets play a game. Not like a video game but like truth or dare or something like that."

      I slowly sat up on the bed and said. " Or, I could sleep and you guys can play truth or dare."

      " Nice try." Zayn said pulling me off of the bed.

      I made a frustrated grown and said in my best attempted grumpy voice. " Fine, just let go of me Zayn and I will willingly walk over there." He immediately let go of my arm and I dragged my feet to the circle of boys. All I could think was ' Great, here we go.'


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