Impossible Love

This story is about a sixteen year old girl named Julia, that lives in London England. She is the geek in school and nobody likes her. But, what will happen when one direction transfer to her school, and she falls madly in love with one of them. Will he feel the same way. Find out in Impossible Love.


7. Defying Authority

         The next morning I awoke excited for the day ahead of me. I slipped myself into my school uniform and went to the bathroom to do my hair. I straightened it and put a navy blue bow into it. I put my contacts in and slowly made my way downstairs where I was greeted by my Mom who was holding onto my phone suspiciously.

      " What is it Mom?" I asked knowing that she had no idea what my password was.

       She raised an eyebrow at me and said. " Who's Zayn?"

       My face went flush and I said slowly. " He's just a friend Mom. That's all."

       She frowned at me and said. " You know how I feel about boys Julia. They are just no good for you. I mean your father was just a friend and he raped me. I don't want that to happen to you. I love you way too much."

      I smiled at her. " Mom, I'll be fine I promise."

      She nodded her head at me and pulled me into her. She released me and said. " Well, I want to meet these BOYS. Yes I know about all five of them and Zayn says he'll be here in five minutes to pick you up."

      I grabbed my lunch from the table shoving it into my backpack as I made my way towards the door. I turned back on last time to say " Bye Mom." and then I walked outside shutting the door behind me.

       I walked down to the end of the driveway when I saw a red mustang zoom around the corner and stop in front of the house. The window rolled down and there sat Zayn in the drivers seat. " What are you waiting for Jul's?" At that I grabbed the door handle and got into the car.

     "So," I said hesitantly. " My mom kind've wants to meet you and the rest of the boys."

    Zayn looked at me shocked. " Wait, you actually told your Mom about us. I mean the five of us."

 "No. Not exactly. She kinda found my phone on the counter this morning and when the screen lite up, she read the messages."

    He smiled. " Well, at least she doesn't know that Harry and you are dating. From what I heard she would probably flip shit."

    I started to laugh. " Well obviously."

    He gave an awkward look towards the road. I sighed. " Zayn, I know this is hard for you but you have to try to reason with the fact that I am with Harry. You mean a lot to me and I really don't want to loose you. But, I don't want to watch you hurt all of the time. I just can't."

    His smile slowly crept into a frown. " I'm trying Julia. I'm actually trying really hard."

    " Well, there's got to be someone else that you have your eye on. Like anyone at all." He shook his head as if to say no. " Well then."

      The rest of the car ride was silent until we made it to school and met up with the rest of the boys. Harry was the first to greet me with a warm hug and a kiss on the forehead. Next was Niall that didn't know whether to hug me or shake my hand. So, I was forced to drag him into a hug.  Then came Liam who gave me a half awkwardish hug. Finally, Louis came sprinting towards me from down the hall and tackled me into a hug. " And that is how you give a proper hug." Louis laughed not letting me go.

      The bell rang and we all headed off to class. I actually had class with Zayn first so, we walked together. I sat in the middle of the room and listened as Mr. Hobard taught us about velocity Vs. time graphs. Out of nowhere a paper airplane flew over my shoulder and hit Mr. Hobard in the back of the head. " Shit!" I heard Zayn whisper from the back of the class as a very angry Mr. Hobard turned around and picked up the airplane.

      He opened the airplane and looked amused at what was on the sheet. He said. " Ooow, it seems to be a love letter from Zayn Malik to Julia Kalinowski. It says. Dear Julia, I know that It hurts you that I am down because you and Harry are together. Just know that no matter what I try to do I will always like you. I'm sorry for saying this and I know it won't change anything but, I really needed to get this off my back. I like you, I have since I met you, and I always will from now to forever. Love, Zaynie. This is so Zayn of you Zayn. Detention. And Julia it will be a detention for you also."

      " What!!" I said rising up from my seat. " That's not fair. That is so stupid. What did I do in this whole situation?"

      Mr. Hobard glared at me. " Well, your name is on the note so you are involved in the act. You can thank Zayn for that."

      I could feel my body fill with anger from head to toe and I just couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed the bottom of my desk and flipped it over startling everyone in the room. " Fuck you." I screamed at Mr. Hobard and stormed out of the classroom.

     He stuck his head out of the door and screamed. "Change that to a weeks detention Miss Kalinowski."

      I just ignored him and stomped out of the school. "Fuck first, there's no way in hell I'm going back now." I thought to myself. "Mr. Hobard can suck a cock with those detentions because I'm not going, that'll never happening, ever." And with that I stormed home.


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