Impossible Love

This story is about a sixteen year old girl named Julia, that lives in London England. She is the geek in school and nobody likes her. But, what will happen when one direction transfer to her school, and she falls madly in love with one of them. Will he feel the same way. Find out in Impossible Love.


4. Beautiful

             I listened to the silky voices coming from my computer in total aw. There was no way that they could have been the five boys that were sitting around me on my bed.  With all off the voices serenading me through the speakers on my laptop I started to feel something funny. Something that I have never felt before.  

     A couple of tears leaked from my eyes as I desperately fought to keep them inside. Harry noticed immediately and said. " What's wrong lovey?" He had a look of worry on his face.

      I smiled at him and said " Nothings wrong Harry. It's just that your voices are so beautiful that they are making me emotional." I kept listening and smiling until the song was over.

     " So," Louis started " are you a fan of us now."

       I chuckled a little at his nervousness and said, " How could I not be a fan of you? You guys are amazing. Fan for live." All of the guys started to chuckle and I made a face at them as to say. " Don't make fun of me." They just started to laugh harder which made me laugh.

        The boys and I continued to watch funny YouTube videos and talk about or lives. Then they left for the night and told me that they would all see me at school in the morning. I nodded to them and they one by one climbed out of the window.

       That night Mom questioned me on all the laughing in my room and I just told her that it was one of the YouTube videos that I was watching. She didn't question me any farther.

      The next morning I was actually looking forward to going to school. I put my hair into a messy bun and put contacts in. I then put on uniform pants on and a polo. I ran down stairs and Mom looked at me funny. She looked at me and said " Where are your glasses Julia?"

     I smiled at her and said " Their in my room. I decided to wear my contacts today."

     At that comment she gave me a worried look and questioned. " You don't have a boyfriend right Julia? You know how I feel about boys."

     I smiled at my Mom and said " Of coarse not Mom, I just think that I look better with contacts then my glasses. The glasses make my eyes look super big."  

   Mom smiled at me and said " Well, what ever makes you feel more comfortable is alright with me."

     I said. " Thanks Mom." and I grabbed my keys from the bowl decoration by the door and slowly walked to my car.

     When I got to school I saw her waiting for me by the door. My bully Bailie St Clair. She was holding a big gulp from 7 11. But, instead of throwing it on me like she would normally do, she just dropped it on the ground and started to squeal like a ten year old after seeing Justin Bieber's hair flip. I turned around to see my newly found five best friends. They all ran at me and gave me a big group hug.  

     Then Harry said " How did you sleep my favorite directioner?"

      I looked at him puzzled and asked. " What's a directioner?"

      He laughed at me and flipped his hair in the sexy way that he always does and said. " It's just a name that we call our fans. So, how did you sleep Julia."

      I said. " Well thanks, you?"

      He smiled and said. " I couldn't, a beautiful girl kept on popping into my head."  

      I looked at him curious and said. " And who might this beautiful girl be?"

      Just as he was about to answer Bailie walked over with her posy and pushed me away from the boys into a locker. She then persisted to scream in my face. " What right do you think you have talking to MY boys. Stay away from them you ugly little ..."

       She couldn't finish her sentence because Harry pulled her away from me and said. " What right do you think YOU have bullying her anyway? She is beautiful and your just jealous because your ugly." He walked over to me, grabbed my arm and said " Lets go Julia. I don't want to waste anymore time on this low life then I already have." My mouth dropped open and we walked away. All I kept thinking was 'Am I the beautiful girl that he was thinking about last nigh'. Harry said bye to me and we all left for class.

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