Distance [Book 3]

It's official. Zayn and Bella are officially engaged. After all the drama they had over the past year has now come to the end. With Perrie now in jail for killing Jared, who saved Zayn and Bella, nothing can go wrong. Except the fact that Bella is now pregnant with Zayn's child and having a few arguments with Zayn, making them distant.


7. Chapter 6

"You want to tell me everything? Everything that has happened?" I asked him. I was happy and mad at the same time. As much as I want to know about everything that has been going on for the past couple of months, I'm still mad. I just couldn't help it anymore and just lashed out on him.

"Oh, now you want to tell me about what's going on?! Now you do?! Well Zayn, I don't want to hear anything! After all that has happened, you just went distant on me. You haven't been honest with me after all this time! Including Liam and the rest of the guys! They were all worried about you when you have been lying to us this whole entire time! I don't want to hear that you have to tell me and as of right now, I don't want to be around you and I don't want to talk to you!"

With that, I hung up and I threw my phone at the wall, not caring if I have a cracked screen or not. All these hormones have really got me.

I ran my hand through my hair as I you up from the couch and I went over to pick up my phone that was on the floor. I was glad that I didn't crack my screen as I put it on the counter. I do feel a bit bad that I yelled at him but then again with all of these things that are happening and with the stuff that happened on past, I just don't know what to do.

I groan from all the stress and I head up to the bedroom and lay down on the bed, looking up at the ceiling then placing my hands over my face. I hate having all of this.

Like why did it happened to me? Why do I have to deal with all of this? Do I blame myself for getting close with Zayn?

I should have stayed away from him. If it wasn't for me getting close to him when he was with Perrie, then none of this would have happened to me. I should have stayed with Justin. I would have a better life with him but instead I got myself into all of this.

Should I run away again? By that I also mean by changing my look, my name or never come out of the house again? No, I'm not going to. Maybe it is best for me to be away from Zayn. I just don't know what the hell to do with my life anymore. I should be distant from him, like the way he did with me.

What felt like minutes only became hours and I'm still at the same spot and never moved. I was in so much thought as I felt another kick. He's missing so much. "I know, he's missing a lot what's happening." I say.

I heard a knock on the door as I got up from the couch to head to the door, opening it to reveal Miguel. "Belly listen to what Zayn says please?" He asks.

Seriously? I'm not in the mood to even think about it. "Why should I? What if what he will tell me I should believe what he tells me? He's been lying and ignoring me for the past couple of months, considering that I'm also carrying his child here." I point to my stomach.

"Hey, I have to hear him complain about why you didn't give him a chonce (See what I did there? No? Okay..) to explain? Why do you that I'm here and not with him, who is probably still complaining?" He tells me.

Yeah he doesn't like it when people complain to him because he doesn't want to hear a thing about it and he tries to ignore everything. Last time someone complained, he just ran out of the place to get away from it.

Now I'm starting to feel a bit guilty. "As much as I'm mad at him, do I really have to see him? I don't want to talk to him or even see him for the rest of the night." I say, going back to the couch to sit down.

All of this is starting to give me a headache. "Can you please try talking to him at least tomorrow?" He pleads and I just nod. "Okay, I'll talk to him." I agreed because maybe he did have a reason for all of this to happen.

"Well, since we got that out of the way, is it okay if I stay here with you and Chelsi? Because I do not want to hear him complain anymore for the rest of the night." Miguel says, laying his back against the couch.

Oh Miguel.


Yes it's short. Like I said, I'm having writer's block so it will take a while. But enjoy!

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