Distance [Book 3]

It's official. Zayn and Bella are officially engaged. After all the drama they had over the past year has now come to the end. With Perrie now in jail for killing Jared, who saved Zayn and Bella, nothing can go wrong. Except the fact that Bella is now pregnant with Zayn's child and having a few arguments with Zayn, making them distant.


5. Chapter 4

Zayn's POV

I ran my hair through my hair. I really messed up this time. I can't believe that she knew what was going on. I know what I was doing was wrong and I know that I've been doing this for sometime but I do feel bad. I haven't been there for her when she needs me and I've been ignoring her, keeping my distance away from her. This is bad.

I walk back into the house to see Miguel sitting on the couch. "Well, looks like shes the one leaving and not you." Miguel told me, his arms across his chest. I groan and place my hand over my face. "I know you don't have to tell me that. I just saw it with my own eyes." I say leaning against the wall. "Good luck trying to give her your trust back. She won't accept that easily anymore." He said before he heads back up to the guest room.

I head up to our room and I just layed on the bed, not bothering to take off my clothes. I shut my eyes letting out the tears that were coming down. I know that I have a feeling that I'm going to get another lecture from Liam and possibility that he wont talk to me for the rest of his life.

Just seeing her leaving made my heart break. Would she ever trust me again? With the thought of that, I felt my eyes closing and went to sleep.

~The Next Morning~

I slowly open my eyes and I look around, hoping that Bella decided to come back, but no. She didn't. I feel very bad about this whole thing. If I would have told her everything that is going on.

If I told her the truth and say what was happening this wouldn't never happened what so ever. I got out of bed and I head over to the shower, taking off my clothes before stepping inside, feeling the warm water hitting me.

'Ï should have told her.' I say to myself. I already miss her dearly. I miss her smile. I miss seeing her every morning before I leave with the guys. I miss having her in my arms. I need to talk to her but I know that she is going to talk to me for a while and I understand that. But I have to tell her.

But I have to wait until she is ready to talk to me again.


I arrived at Chelsi's and Jason's house to see Chelsi still up. Usually when she stays up, she wants to know what is going on. I was tired because I stayed all night to wait for Zayn to come home and when I arrived there I was super tired. I just told Chelsi that I will tell her what happened in the morning. I didn't want to change out of my clothes and I slept in the couch, which I didn't mind.

I toss and turned all night, just thinking about what Zayn had did to me. I was now losing his trust. I just couldn't stop thinking about it. I eventually went to sleep, but then I woke up an hour later. Forget sleep I'll just stay up. Yeah, then I fell a sleep a couple minutes later. 


"So, what happened last night?" Chelsi asks. The three of us were out to eat at Denny's for breakfast because Chelsi didn't want to cook and neither did I. I sigh and set my fork down. "Well, remember the thing that Miguel and I did when we were spying on that one guy that you had a crush on?" I asked her. "Don't remind me, I'm still mad that you guys did that." She said and I couldn't help but to laugh.

I stand corrected, she's still mad about that.

"Anyways..." I continued on. "Zayn text me saying that he was going to be in the studio all day with the guys and that he said that we needed to talk at the end. We then did that but we couldn't find him. So we went to Starbucks where I saw Liam and the rest of the guys which got me confused." I say, taking a sip of my water. 

"And then what did they say?" ask Jason. "Then I asked them why they were here and they said that they had a day off from the studio. So I waited for Zayn to come home and that's when we said we need a break. And I was telling him what was going on and what he hasn't been telling me, and he didn't say nothing. So that's why I came to you." I say, running my hand through my hair. I seriously don't know what to do.

Chelsi and Jason look at each other before they give me a hug. "Aw, I'm sorry Bells." Chelsi said, hugging me. I hug her back as I pull away and wipe a tear that was going to come down. "Damn hormones." I laugh a bit. We finish eating and then we head back to the house. My phone was ringing over and over again and I look to see Zayn trying to call me. I'm really not in the mood to talk to him at the moment. I just need some space.

"So how's Miguel and Preeti are doing?" Chelsi asks. I wasn't so sure if he wanted me to tell them about what happened to them, but I'll tell him that they wanted to know.

"They broke up. He told me that they were having some arguments that she broke it off." I tell them. I felt a slight kick on my stomach again, noticing that the baby was kicking again.

I forgot to tell them about that. "Bella you okay?" ask Jason. I nod my head. "Yeah, I'm fine. The baby was just moving." I said. Chelsi turned around to look at me. "Oh my god. When did this start happening?" she asks all excited. I laugh at her reaction. "Just yesterday." I tell her. "And I missed it? Aw come on!" she says and I laugh. I swear how did I ever become friends with her?

Later on while Chelsi and Jason went out on their date, my phone rings again to see that Liam is calling me. What does he want? I answer the phone. "Hello?" I answered. "Bella, what's going on with Zayn? He seems upset?" he asks.

I sigh and told him the whole story. "He did what?" he asks getting all angry. Oh no not again. "Liam don't even think about this. i agreed to take a break from him as well." I say. I do feel bad about doing this to him but it's what's best for the moment.

We hang up and I went through my twitter since my mentions were blowing up at the moment. I went through them and I see more hate than usually. I look to see that both Zayn and I were trending on Twitter. How the hell did they find out about us? Like literally what the hell?

I read through the tweets and had enough before setting my phone down. I'm tired of this. I lay on the couch and eventually fell asleep.

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