Distance [Book 3]

It's official. Zayn and Bella are officially engaged. After all the drama they had over the past year has now come to the end. With Perrie now in jail for killing Jared, who saved Zayn and Bella, nothing can go wrong. Except the fact that Bella is now pregnant with Zayn's child and having a few arguments with Zayn, making them distant.


4. Chapter 3

We finish eating breakfast and we head out the door. I know that it's bad that I'm doing this but I'm only doing this once and that is it.

I just need to know about what is going on with him because I know that this wasn't him. I know he wouldn't do anything to hurt me. But I have to do this and find out what they hell is going on here.

Miguel and I head into my car when I receive a text from Zayn.

From Zayn

Hey babe. I'm just letting you know that I am going to be in the studio for a couple hours longer. I'll be home before Midnight. But we also need to talk.

From the sound of that, it doesn't look good. When he says that we need to talk, things get serious and it does leave to arguments and someone leaving the house. And that's usually Zayn leaving.

I don't know if I should be worried about it or should be okay with it because I know how it would end. Except this time I'm going to be the one leaving the house to stay with Chelsi. I haven't talked to her in a while so I think that it's time I've been telling her about what is going on.

"What he say?" ask Miguel. I sigh and read the text to him. "He said 'Hey babe. I'm just letting you know that I am going to be in the studio longer than usual.'" I read before setting my phone done. "And then he said that he would be home before midnight and that we need to talk." I said, resting my head on the window. "What am I going to do?"

The rest of the way we stayed in silence. While we were driving around I was craving some Starbucks. No judging me. We got out of the car and we walked in to see Liam and the rest of the guys there, except Zayn. "Bella, Miguel, what are you guys doing here?" ask Louis. "I wanted Starbucks." I said, taking a sip of my venti Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino. (My new fave and because I'm also craving it too.) "Where's Zayn, he told me that you guys were in the studio." I say, sitting down next to Liam and Niall.

The boys look at me confused. "We don't. We have a week off from it." said Harry. So Zayn lied to me? What the hell is going on. I groan in frustration and I place my hands over my face. "Sis, you okay?" ask Liam, starting to get a bit worried about me. "He lied." I whisper, only for him to hear. "Who lied?" ask Niall. I put my hands down and I look at the guys. "Zayn. He just told me that he was in the studio with you guys." I say.

I just don't know what to do anymore. I just can't. Why is he lying to me? What the hell is going on with him? I have so many questions that I want, no. I need to ask him. Is he really cheating on me? Is he going out with someone else behind my back? Does he really want a kid anymore? I just don't know what to think.

We decided not to find Zayn because I didn't want to do this anymore. I just need some time away from Zayn only for a while. I need to get things clear. I need to get away from everything. I pull out my phone and I went through my contacts. I saw Chelsi's picture and I called her. After a few rings, she finally answers. "Hey Bells, what's up?" Chelsi asks.

"Hey, is it okay for me to stay with you and Jason with you. Only for a little while. I just, need to clear things out of my head." I said. "Sure, what's going on?" she asks, sounding worried. "I'll tell you everything tonight. It's a long story." I told her. "Sure, you can stay as long as you can." I smile. "Thanks Chels, I'll see you tonight." I said before hanging up.

Later that night I've packed some of my clothes in my bag and I place it by the living room. Miguel was in the guest room since he was tired and from crying as well from earlier as I wait for Zayn to come home and it was already past midnight. 'Be home by midnight my ass.' I thought. Just then someone walks in to the house as I turn to see Zayn walking into the house. Here goes nothing, I have to tell him now.

"We need a break." My eyes widen, same with Zayn. We just said that together. "Wait what?" There we go again. "When did you start thinking about this?" Zayn asks. "Today. I can't believe that you lied to me. How long have you been lying to me?" I asked him. He didn't answer my question. "What do you mean I lied to you?" He asks. Are you kidding me right now? "Seriously? I'm going to be with the lads in the studio when I bumped into them earlier saying that they had a day off from the studio. Now answer my question, how long?" I ask him, tears were clearly start to come down. I didn't want him to see them as I quickly wipe them away.

He still didn't answer which means that he has been lying. I just scoff and look away from him. I just couldn't believe any of this. This is just unbelievable. "Listen, Bella I'm-" I stopped him.

I didn't want to hear him at the minute. Hell I couldn't even look at him. "Don't say anything." I said. I walk past him, picking up my bag which he stared confuse. "Where are you going?" Zayn asks. "I'm staying with Chelsi and Jason for a while. I just need time to clear things up." I say, not looking over at him. "I love you Zayn. I really do. But I just, need to be away from you." I say, before opening the front door and leaving the house.

Once I walked out of the house to get in my car the front door opens and I heard footsteps coming my way. I felt his hand on my arm, pulling me over to look at him. I notice that he was having tears in his eyes. "Please Bella. Don't leave." He said. "Then tell me what's going on? Why have you been distant from me? Do you not want to get married? Do you not want to have a child in your life? Are you happy with me?" I ask, taking his hand off my arm. "Please. Tell me the truth." I whispered the last part, feeling more tears coming down.

Once again, he didn't say anything. He opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. "That's what I thought." I say, turning away from him and getting into my car. I turn on the ignition and pulled away from the driveway with Zayn standing there. I couldn't look at him anymore. I just need to clear my head.

I just need some time away to think things through.

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