Distance [Book 3]

It's official. Zayn and Bella are officially engaged. After all the drama they had over the past year has now come to the end. With Perrie now in jail for killing Jared, who saved Zayn and Bella, nothing can go wrong. Except the fact that Bella is now pregnant with Zayn's child and having a few arguments with Zayn, making them distant.


3. Chapter 2


Man, being pregnant is harder than I thought it would be. I wonder how Chelsi did all this. I haven't been able to go out a lot, going to the studio and go out to perform. I don't want to deal with any stress from it. So I just asked to take some time off from singing.

Liam has been helping out a lot even though he's about to go on tour for the next couple of months. That means I can't see Zayn much either. The only time I would see him is when we Skype. But lately we haven't talked for a while now. Not that I don't mind but, I don't know what's going on with him.

I try not to ask him about it but I probably should give him some space. Anyway, Miguel wanted to tell me something which I had no clue what so ever and he's going to come over. All I know is he is telling me that he and Preeti were having some problems and I don't know what's going on with the both of them. They look so happy together. What can make them have any problems.

I was on the phone with Eleanor when I hear the door bell ring. "Hey El, I'll call you back in a little bit." I said, getting up from the couch as I head to the door. After I hang up I walk over to the door and open it to see Miguel, crying? "Miguel, what's wrong?" I ask, letting him inside, closing the door as we walk over to the living room. He sits down on the couch and he puts his hands on his face.

"We broke up." he said quietly. My eyes widen as I heard him crying again. "What? Why? What happened?" I ask, sitting down next to him as I comfort him, hugging him as well. "We got into this whole argument, it was bigger than it usually are, she said she can't deal with it anymore and..she broke up with me." He said.

I feel bad for him.Like why would anyone break up with him? He's a really nice guy and he will do anything for a girl. Honestly this is messed up. I hear him cry some more as I hug him in a comfort way. Miguel was always like brother and if anything happens he would always come to me and talk about it. "I'm sorry Migs." 

After a while he manages to stop crying. "Now, changing the subject, how are you and Zayn are doing?" he asks. I sigh, just thinking about how Zayn and I are doing. "It's okay, I guess." I said and look down at my stomach, which I am now 5 months pregnant. I just can't believe that in the next couple of months I'm going to have a baby. I'm honestly scared. What if I don't want a baby? What if Zayn changes his mind about it and leave me. What if he doesn't want to be with me anymore and go with someone else. 

"I'm not even sure Miguel." I say, placing my hand over my stomach. "What's going on?" he ask. I just shrug. "I don't know. There are times we wouldn't talk like we used to. He would come home and he would ignore me.¨ I said. ¨I've been trying to see what's going on but he never said anything. I've tried asking Liam and the rest of the guys but nothing.¨ I said, laying my back against the couch.

¨I'm sorry Bells, if you need any help we find out whats going on. Remember what we used to do back home?¨ he reminds me. I smile and I laugh. ¨Oh yeah! I remember, we would always stalk Chelsi's crush around for 5 months straight.¨ I said, remembering the memory. ¨Änd he never even noticed we were stalking him until the 6th month!¨ Miguel said, laughing. Ah that was some good memories.

Later on the rest of the day Miguel decided to stay over at the house for a little bit, also going to figure out what is going on with Zayn. I know that it is wrong to stalk what he was doing, but I need to know what is going on. Miguel and I were watching some movies while we were eating some pizza, which I was craving all day for when we heard the door open, revealing Zayn who looked really tired. ¨Hey babe.¨ I say, not looking over at him as Miguel and I were into the movie. He didn't respond and he just heads up to our room.

Well okay then. We look to see him upstairs hearing the door close and we look at each other. ¨Should we start now?¨ he asks. I think about it for a minute. I think we should start. ¨Nah, let's start tomorrow.¨ I said, taking a bite of my pizza. ¨Yeah, we'll do it tomorrow.¨ 

~The next day ~

I open my eyes to see if Zayn was still in bed, but nothing. I sit up and then heard the door open and then close. Well okay then. I got up from my bed and head to the shower. I finished around 10 minutes before putting on my clothes, well they are not my clothes, they are Chelsi's clothes. I swear it is hard to put on my jeans. I pull my hair up and I walk downstairs to see Miguel, sleep on the couch.

Thinking to scare him or not, I decided not to. I went in the kitchen to pull something when I felt a slightly pain on my stomach. I place my hand over it to feel it and then I felt another one. I then realize that I felt the baby kick.

I smile when I heard Miguel's voice. "What are you so happy about?" He asks,  walking to the kitchen. I motion him to come over and place his hand on my stomach. He was confused at first until he felt a kick. "Oh my god, when did this happen?" He asks. "Just started happening." I said. If only Zayn was still around to feel it.


Okay, I haven't updated in a while I know. Well, technically since last year. With this story it will be slow updates because of one, school. Two, adult school. Three, other stories. And four, personal problems.

And here you go Heidi I've updated. Be happy.

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