Distance [Book 3]

It's official. Zayn and Bella are officially engaged. After all the drama they had over the past year has now come to the end. With Perrie now in jail for killing Jared, who saved Zayn and Bella, nothing can go wrong. Except the fact that Bella is now pregnant with Zayn's child and having a few arguments with Zayn, making them distant.


2. Chapter 1


I couldn't believe what has happened over the past year. Lots of things have happened over the last year. Lots and lots of drama has happened. Me getting kidnapped by my best friend's brother, my fiance's crazy ex-girlfriend and my ex-boyfriend. Going on and off with Zayn and I'm back with him again. Zayn and I almost got killed by Perrie and losing Jared as he took a bullet for us and me watching him die right in front of our eyes. Mostly my eyes. 

I just couldn't believe that he is gone because of me. I really do feel guitly about what happened. I mean, he was Miguel's brother and Miguel didn't take it well when I told him the news, but he's trying to recover from all of that. At first, he couldn't even talk to me. For the first two months. I understand so I told him to give him some space.

And that's what we did. We gave each other space until he was able to talk to me again so he stayed with Zayn and I. But on the other hand, we haven't been ourselves as well. Something is not right between us.

Now we are engaged and with me being pregnant, we barely talk, we barely get to be with each other because now of our busy schedules. We don't have time to take a break, even though we both try but we couldn't. Liam and I for some reason we hung out a lot. I've asked Liam many times about what was going on with Zayn but he doesn't tell me nothing.

Is there something going in between us now? Are we becoming distant?


Ok I know it's short and I haven't posted in a while and I'm sorry. I've been so busy and I had lots of chores this time because of my stupid grade and mostly because of a writer's block.

I'll try to continue to work on this book along with the Harry and the Liam fanfic as well.

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