Broken Pieces

A lot can happen in 6 months. Just like a lot can happen in 10 years. I know I haven't published in a long time but hopefully, in time, this movella will explain it.


5. Happiest

It wasn’t extra-ordinary. In fact, it was dreadful day, the type where wind whistles through tress while you’re tucked up in a nest of blankets and jumpers .Herds of elephants crashed around outside.


A little girl, just turned the old age of four years old, runs in with legs flying out at all angles; propelling herself to me with wild arms. A fuchsia plastic phone is pressed into my hand; big brown eyes meet my own as she looks at me, expectant. I oblige with the fantasy and lift the phone to my ear; a shocked expression descends over my face, surprised to hear who is on the phone.


Suddenly, I am under attack by three, unseen, monkeys. They all clamour for attention as I am wrestled to the ground. Outnumbered and overpowered.


Barbie has been injured on an expedition up the treacherous slopes of the staircase. The Doctor has just diagnosed Teddy with the most severe case of the worst case known to man. Hiccups. And still, I am needed on an urgent phone call from Father Christmas about my Christmas list for this year – after all, it is August.


Diving into a carefree, imaginative world is bliss to me. So, you see, it was a perfectly normal day but with 3 completely perfect adventures.

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