Started With A Follow ( Luke Hemmings)

Luke followed a girl named, Gemma, she had some problems in her life.
An accident not meant to happen reveals a girl named, Ariana.
Throughout theses painful events Luke comes to his ending of this journey.


16. Wish Upon That Star


Luke's P.O.V


They had 2 months now they have 1 month and 2 weeks left.

Why couldn't I have left her on the sidewalk by herself and never got myself into this ever.

Ariana has been bugging me ever second now "Oh you need to pick before time is up it would be better that way." 

She has been raising hell now a days, but I can't blame her really. 

Mazz was right she was strong, beautiful, and caring. I knew in my head I needed to pick her.

"Ari where do I go to choose?" I ask

"Follow me." She guided me to her bedroom 

I placed in the center of all the candles and Ariana faced me.

Ariana just smiled and I looked down.

My heart was pounding and I became sweaty.

"I choose....

Right when I was about say Ariana's name, I saw Gemma.

"Gemma" I said I placed my hand over my mouth and looked up at Ariana

"Goodbye Luke." Ariana said

All that I saw was a bright light escape what was now Gemma's body go up to the night sky. 

There she was a star in the heavens above watching over us.

I kneeled to the window

"Please come back once more, I was going to choose you not Gemma. You have my heart and I need to fix it." I said 

Gemma was standing behind me and she started to cry.

"You have replaced me, haven't you?" She asked

"I don't know maybe." I sad guilty

"Thank you babe." She replied

I hugged her and believe me it felt amazing to hold her again.

"How do I get Ariana back?" I asked her

Gemma tensed up and sighed

"You want her more don't you? You will have to have a miracle for that to happen which won't be long. Ariana is a helper not fully an angel yet." She said









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