Started With A Follow ( Luke Hemmings)

Luke followed a girl named, Gemma, she had some problems in her life.
An accident not meant to happen reveals a girl named, Ariana.
Throughout theses painful events Luke comes to his ending of this journey.


8. Takes Time


Luke's P.O.V


The funeral was terrible, everyone telling me I'm so sorry for your loss.

I couldn't help but feel guilty for her passing.

Gemma was so bright and caring. She never really got her time to shine.

All I wanted to do is make her happy in life.

My thoughts were interrupted by her mother.

"You made her the happiest girl in the world, you know that? All she ever wanted was a follow by you. I was a shit mom and we were horrible to her. " her mom said

I just smiled and walked away, my life was incomplete. It's almost seemed like one of those chick flicks Gemma used to watch.

Ash, Michael, and Cal all said it will be alright, but it never will be. We can't just make our lives better without our loved ones.

My time will never be the same

*Ring, Ring*

L: hello

Dr: hello Mr. Hemmings your child has passed I'm very sorry. It was too early for your child to be born. I'm very sorry for both of your losses.

L: thanks doctor.

Now my child has passed away as well. Great.


1 week later


I went to the mall to get out of the house, all I ever seem to do is look at the pictures of her.

Everyone's telling me "move on" it's too early for that. I need to take baby steps one at a time.

All I know is that I bumped into this girl

Luke: I'm sorry

Girl: it's fine. That was my fault

Luke. No it was mine

Girl: I'm Ariana

Luke: I'm Luke

Ariana: you are from 5sos?

Luke: yeah

Ariana: well I have to go but call me some time

Luke: sure

We both waked away to our separate ways

I came upon a trash can and I tossed her number away. No need for that won't be calling her anytime soon.

I felt like a dick but I would get over it, right?

Yeah I think I would.

I opened my car door and saw the same girl on the curb by herself.

No Luke just go home

Fuck why am I walking over here


Luke: you need a ride?

Ariana: no my boyfriend should be picking me up.

Luke: no he isn't, he dumped you didn't he?

Ariana: how did you know?

Luke: well guessing by the makeup running down your face and tears on your cheeks he did.

Ariana: yeah

Luke: come with me

We went to my car, I opened the door for her and went to my side and got in

Ariana: she is beautiful, is she your girlfriend

Luke: she was

I was holding back tears by the time is said that

Ariana: she is stupid for dumping you

Luke: she died, we were arguing and she got hit by a car. She never dumped me.

Ariana: I'm so sorry, I feel terrible.

Luke: it's fine, honestly

We drove to her house and we kept talking about Gemma. It felt good having someone to talk to.

Luke: her name was Gemma, almost like Gem

She helped me become a better person, she cared for people more than she cared for herself. She was never selfish, she was pregnant with my child when she died. The baby girl died when we had her funeral. I haven't had any good days so far. Except tonight, thank you

Ariana: you are welcome my good sir, she sounds wonderful by the way, I'm sorry for both of your losses.

Luke: I threw your number way by the way, I couldn't do it. I'm sorry

Ariana: it's fine I understand, here don't throw this one away. Okay?

Luke: okay

Ariana: well I better get going, talk to you soon

Luke: bye

I drove off to my house, it was a good night.

I knew Gemma smiling at me right now, the stars never seemed or looked so beautiful.

I went to my room and lighted the vanilla scented candle Gemma bought, "Gemma, please come back to me. I don't care if you are in Ariana's body or somebody else's come to me. I can't handle the pain. I'm sorry for fighting. I love you to the moon and back baby." I said while crying

I went t my bed and cuddled with her pillow and I dreamed of her.

I swear I heard her say "I will be with you soon enough, I love you Lukey, Ari"

Who is Ari?


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