Started With A Follow ( Luke Hemmings)

Luke followed a girl named, Gemma, she had some problems in her life.
An accident not meant to happen reveals a girl named, Ariana.
Throughout theses painful events Luke comes to his ending of this journey.


2. Runaway

Gemma P.O.V

The last bell rang I hurried to the bus, my nose healed but it still hurt like hell

"Move slut" Wes said

I crawled in my seat and curled up in a ball.

Our stop was coming up, I got up

I felt Wes push me really hard in the seat corner, I shrugged his action off

"Bitch" I heard him mumble

I opened the door and went straight upstairs

I locked my door and turned my music on

"You look so perfect standing there in my American appeal underwear

Your lipstick stain is a piece off art

I got your name tattooed in a arrow heart "

I would love to be standing in Luke Hemmings Underwear.

I heard screaming downstairs, I lowered my music and I decided to listen.

"You are such a disappointment, why can't you be like Gem?" I heard my mom scream

"What a geek that no one likes no thank" Wes replied

Every word they say hurts, I try to avoid them but every single time they find ways to hurt me.

"@beanie_brooks: I'm worthless to the world"

I went to my bathroom opened the cabinet and find my old friend still in place where I left it

I grabbed and sliced the tender skin deeply

I sliced my skin 4 more times

I flipped my arm and slid down, leaving a trail of blood down my wall.

I grabbed my usual towel and wrapped it around my wrist

I checked my phone and I have 104 notifications on twitter

I gained 50 more followers

"@Luke5SOS followed you"

I couldn't believe my eyes he followed me

I went through my notifications

"@Luke5SOS: @beanie_brooks you aren't worthless, I love you beautiful you are my babe"

I smiled bigger than ever, I decided to dm him

"Hey, omg thank you for following me! I love you!"

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