Started With A Follow ( Luke Hemmings)

Luke followed a girl named, Gemma, she had some problems in her life.
An accident not meant to happen reveals a girl named, Ariana.
Throughout theses painful events Luke comes to his ending of this journey.


21. Demons


Luke's P.O.V 


I'm not sure what is happening in my life anymore.

I feel like a death magnet right now.

Gemma was in a place where she could finally be free from me and I knew she was happy.

She was my soul, a girl who brightened up my days with a single smile or a simple laugh.

For now I must forget about Ariana

I wasn't really sure how to prepare for all of this.

My world seemed darker without Gemma and I wasn't prepared to let her go.

Perfection had lost its meaning.

My demon inside of me was aching to be pleased and it was tempting 

I had a mission and it was in need to be complete.

Goodbye my world and die happily.

(to be continued....)

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