Started With A Follow ( Luke Hemmings)

Luke followed a girl named, Gemma, she had some problems in her life.
An accident not meant to happen reveals a girl named, Ariana.
Throughout theses painful events Luke comes to his ending of this journey.


5. Chaos

Gemma's P.O.V

This bus has been crazy: food fights, pillow fights, and the worse pranks

I can deal with little crazy but these boys belong to a madness center or something.

I don't know what's wrong with them.

"We are touring with 1D again" Luke screamed

"OMG!" I yelled

I started to jump around with them.

Calum smiled at me and pushed Luke into me

"Oh I'm sorry" Luke said

"It's fine" I replied smiling

We were starring into each other eyes

We both leaned in

I pressed my parted lips in his, our lips moved in sync

I felt sparks going off in my head like crazy

The chaos around us didn't seem to bother us

"Eww too much PDA " Ashton said covering his eyes

We pulled apart and I sat in the couch not looking up

Luke still stood there not saying a word

I saw him touch his lips and smile

Ashton sat next to me and started to play with my hair

"Erm.." Luke said

Ashton moved and Luke sat next to me

He put a pillow on his lap and laid my head on it

Luke started messing with my hair and started drifting off wanting to sleep

"You really like her don't you " Michael said

"So much" he replied quietly

"Good for you man" Ashton said

"Oh you are welcome that kiss wouldn't of happened if it wasn't for me" Calum said

"Thanks guys, I hope she likes me the same " Luke said

I felt him kiss my temple and whisper "thank you for being here and existing" .

I couldn't help but smile.

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