Started With A Follow ( Luke Hemmings)

Luke followed a girl named, Gemma, she had some problems in her life.
An accident not meant to happen reveals a girl named, Ariana.
Throughout theses painful events Luke comes to his ending of this journey.


11. A Choice and A Farewell


Ariana's P.O.V


Luke has been acting weird lately after I told him we moved in together, you know to make sure we kept on seeing each other.

Lately we have been sitting on the sofa and talking about how this happened to both of us girls, which is kinda frightening to talk about.

He seems kinda out of it as well like he wants to believe me, but then he doesn't want this to happen. 

"Why couldn't she pass in peace? Why did she have to be put inside of your body? Are you even Ariana or fully Gemma?" Luke asked

A million answers and a million of questions couldn't really explain why and how, but i tried my best for him.

"Basically we both are here I have her thoughts and mine, I can hear her talk. She couldn't rest in peace until you fully move on from her, when you move on she will get peace. Gemma was transferred from her body to mine, she knew we would bump into each other so she came to me so whenever I killed myself she instantly came to me before I actually died." I explained.

He sat there looking at me, I knew this was going to be hard to process seriously could you blame him. 

"Don't hurt him" Gemma spoke

How could I hurt him Gemma? She was protective of him. 5SOS has been off of tour for a while now they haven't came back together Luke has been distant to them anyways.

Honesty I think he has been worrying about me more than anything, like I need to get out of this house, but he won't let me leave bad.

I need to tell him the worse part about this tragedy but I can't do it.



Luke's P.O.V


Ariana has been looking at strange lately, I can't let her leave I won't have a second chance to make it right with Gemma.

Ariana has been in her room mostly the whole day everyday but I can't force her out unless I want her to leave with Gemma.

I have found what I need to do I won't let Gemma leave I will find a way to get Gemma to stay forever while she rest in peace. 

Could that actually happen?

My thoughts were interrupted by a scream upstairs, I ran up the stairs into Ariana's room.

"What's wrong?" I said 

There I saw Ariana with her old friend in her hand, blood running down the wall.

I struggling girl crying a girl I needed to protect with my life, I walked to her and hugged her.

"Why?' I said

"I need to tell you something Luke, and I know I'm going to leave you soon." Ariana spoke

I was confused how was she gonna leave me? I gave her a weird face and she began to explain

"If you don't choose to move on with someone else and you want to continue to be with Gemma I officially die. Gemma fully owns and controls my body, everything about Gemma looks, structure fills my cold body. Gemma will officially be back again living in my use to be body." She cried out

I backed away and walked out, I needed to think about this. 

I went back to Ariana a few minutes later and stood in front of her

"All I ever wanted was to marry her and love her, but now I have to move on from her and let her live in peace. I can't just not love her, but for you I will try my best. I can't lose someone else. Even thought that means not ever seeing her again in my whole life I really wish I didn't have to move on from her. Im sorry for whatever happens Gemma and Ariana. For now we can just try and do whatever we can for this." I told her

She looked up at me and didn't say a word. I began to walk away.

"I want this to be easy for you, if you choose her I understand she is your love of your life. I wish it could have been easy for me as well. I had to choose death or life to be with my baby brother. He was bullied for 5 years of his life the fact people drove him over the edge like that was astonishing. A 14 year-old killing himself for them to be happy. A suicide note so freely written and saying..

"Dear Ariana,

Please don't be mad or hate me for doing this but I have decided to end this joyful and painful life of mine. You know what they say Parents influence their kids our parents death made me depressed which started the hateful bullying. Im sorry I couldn't stay strong for you sissy. It kills me to do this to you and I know you are bawling at this note. My sister you are beautiful, independent, strong, and the kindest person I have known. The bullies sure know a weakness for everyone, they surely found mine which was you. They were going to hurt you, so I decided to end my life for your safety. I love you to the heavens and back. 

-Your baby brother Mazz" 

I remember that note word for word. I truly miss him and love him, so yes I understand."

At this point I was bawling my eyes out with her. I hugged tightly, we sat there the whole night. 

Choices are difficult but never impossible. 



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