Colours of Expression

When you are born you have pale or olive skin, and you are given a colour and a type. Depending on what colour you are is where you live, what your attitude is like, & what colour is the only one you see. Depending on your type you get placed in the city of your type, the types being rich, average, poor, or equal. After you get put into a type of city you get put into another separation by colour. There you live your life. It is punishable by law to exit your colour area. Derek; a colour green and a type average creates a refuge centre for all types and colours to hang out & meet each other, and some even stay forever. Anastasia goes there the same fateful day as the rebellion-willed Damien and stuff happens... Read and find out(;

(Yes, I used a picture of Zayn Malik on the cover, no, this is not a Zayn Malik fanfiction, when I pictured Damien I though of Zayn so that's why I used him(: any questions on my story please comment!) x


3. Them

The next morning I woke up, earlier then usual, to a excited Sara jumping on me. "Get off meeee" I said in a sleepy voice. I hate it when people wake me up more then anything. "No no it's a good day today you have to wake up!!!" She said very excited. "Whhhhhy...what the heck is going on?" I asked, although I'd probably not get up if it was something dumb.. "That green dude with the sideburns...what was his name?"  "Derek..his name is Derek" I answered her "oh yes!! Derek came by and said he wanted to take us around, and to be up at six!!!" She said really fast, clearly she was excited... "What time is it?" I asked, muffled by the blankets on my bed "it's five forty nine! Get up!!" Ugh. That's too early. I don't want to get up. But I mean Derek is being nice enough to let us stay here so I better respect what he wants. 

I get up and stretch, and then I go to my dresser and grabbed my favourite shirt; it was a red shirt that had a big red music note on it, it was subtle but it was me. Sara is getting dressed on the other side of the room, in more confiscated clothes from red, and we walk out of the room and there are a lot of kids my age, and all different colours. We find Derek and walk up to him and he sees us and says "ok guys, I'll have Lilac and Damien show you around, and then you guys need to go on a food run with them so you can see how it's done" he says, and calls lilac who I know, and Damien I don't, and I can't see him till a bunch of kids make a path between the crowd, and this boy comes riding through on a black skateboard. He's absolutely beautiful. He has perfect jawbones, olive skin, black hair that is styled some way I don't know what is called, a little scruff on his face, long black eyelashes, beautiful eyes I think the colour is called brown, and two arms splashed with colourful tattoos that reminds me of lilac. He rides up to me and says "hey... I'm Damian, nice to meet you" and waves at us. I can't even talk. this is ridiculous so Sara talks first "hello, I'm Sara and this is Anastasia" she says and all I can say is "hey" and he seems to accept that because then he calls lilac over and she comes also on a skateboard, are they like dating or are they brother and sister? They are so alike. Acacia comes behind Lilac but just walking. "This is Lilac, my girlfriend, and this is her sister Acacia." I mentally sigh, ugh, girlfriend. Lilac smirks at me and acacia smiles a little. Derek comes up and says "ah, I see you haven't found a clique but a clique has found you. Well, this clique has a food run to get to right now so I suggest you get a move on!!" He raises his voice, and does a 'move' motion with his hands. I see Damien, Lilac and Acacia all follow Derek out by the door so I follow, Sara trailing behind. Derek opens the door, and a bunch of light comes in. I didn't realise how dark it was in the base. "Okay, Damien, we all understand you don't play well with others, so please just try and play nice today, these two reds need to learn, and you're the best so I need you today, got that?" He asks Damien. "Uh...sure...I guess" he says. A black car comes up and a girl hops out, I think called yellow. She walks up to Damian and hands him the keys and walks inside. Damian, Lilac, and Acacia get into the car, so Sara and I follow. Damian drives off without a word and he snaps his fingers at Lilac and points to the glove compartment in the car, and she reaches in and grabs five pairs of sunglasses, all black but different. She hands Damian the ray-bans and takes a similar looking pair for herself. She hands the sunglasses back and Acacia, Sara and I put them on. Acacia hands me a cellphone with the Notes open and It says "these sunglasses are apart of our disguise I guess. Just wear them the whole time were out. Oh and Don't talk, Damian is really specific on how the food runs are done. Just follow his lead."she smiles at me when I hand the phone back and I smile back. He seems really intimidating. We drive for a little while, mostly trees and grass. Damian goes in his pocket and pulls out a pack of cigarettes and hands it to Lilac. She lights it up and takes a hit and hands it back to him. He takes a few hits but he does something I've never seen before, he holds the smoke in his mouth and leans over to Lilac, puts his lips on hers and let's go of all the smoke in his mouth. It floods into her mouth and she inhales, letting all the smoke in her lungs and then exhales, and they're both smiling. He laces his fingers into hers and then constantly glance at each other when the other thinks they're not looking. I tap Acacia's shoulder and I whisper in her ear "are they always this couple-y?" And she smiles and nods her head.

We pull up to a huge warehouse, sort of like the base but not as big. Damien and Lilac get out and I decide that I'm going to trail along with Acacia. She gets out and me and Sara follow. We walk to the back of the building, I guess we aren't suppose to be here. Damian puts a finger up to his lips and says "shhhhhh" and smirks. He lowers his finger, kisses Lilac, and runs to a dumpster, jumping on it, and he climbs things and eventually makes it about twelve feet high and climbs through a window. He's in there about twenty seconds before a small door pops open and Lilac makes a motion with her hand to follow her. Acacia leans into my shoulder and whispers in my ear "this is the bypass. Small food companies and family farms sell their food to this place, then the major food companies come here and buy that food." I nod, and we continue following. We come to a bunch of shelves, stacked with cans, fruit, bags of lettuce, chopped onions and selections of vegetables. Damian reaches behind his back and pulls up a gun. Where did he get that?! Lilac pulls a silencer out of her pocket, and hands it to Damian who twists it on the nose of the gun. Lilac gives me a devilish smile and opens her jacket, and it's lined with throwing knives of all kinds. She closed her jacket and zips it up and gets low to the ground and creeps in and out of the isles with a sick amount of gracefulness. Acacia leans to my shoulder again and whispers "we don't use those often, but we always carry them because we can't risk losing this food place by someone seeing us. This is our only food source." She says. "Gotcha" I respond and we leave it at that. I look over at Sara and she's got an interesting look in her eyes, like she's very impressed. I admit, Lilac and Damian work together so perfectly. Lilac comes back with a cart and so does Acacia. Acacia pushes two carts to me and I give one to Sara and I ask Lilac " so were just suppose to grab whatever?" And she rolls her eyes. "Hah. Just grab whatever floats your boat and get enough for the whole base" she said, with a snippy tone. Two can play at this game. I walk over to the water bottles and fill up my cart with water, and I smirk at Lilac and say "water floats my boat, and most peoples." Damien comes around the corner and smirks, and shakes his head, looking down at his feet. I smile in victory, I just impressed him. I walk away and go get more food, stuff that I like, candy, pop, and cultural foods. I pass Sara and she is stocking her cart with fruit. She looks at my cart and says "dinosaur chicken nuggets....really?" and I laugh and nod. Lilac and Damian run past, standing on their carts, giggling. "Hey, who's there?" An adult male voice calls out. "That's our cue to go" Acacia says, coming up behind me. 

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