Colours of Expression

When you are born you have pale or olive skin, and you are given a colour and a type. Depending on what colour you are is where you live, what your attitude is like, & what colour is the only one you see. Depending on your type you get placed in the city of your type, the types being rich, average, poor, or equal. After you get put into a type of city you get put into another separation by colour. There you live your life. It is punishable by law to exit your colour area. Derek; a colour green and a type average creates a refuge centre for all types and colours to hang out & meet each other, and some even stay forever. Anastasia goes there the same fateful day as the rebellion-willed Damien and stuff happens... Read and find out(;

(Yes, I used a picture of Zayn Malik on the cover, no, this is not a Zayn Malik fanfiction, when I pictured Damien I though of Zayn so that's why I used him(: any questions on my story please comment!) x


1. Highschool

Anastasia's p.o.v. "Ok so, honestly!" I said, Sara clearly wasn't listening to me... "I get what your saying but it's unlikely and unrealistic!" She said back, but still being nice. We walked down the hallway of our red school, in our red clothes, with our red hair, everything was red. "We could just go, Derek already has a spot for us, I texted him yesterday!" I reassured her, I really want her to come. "Yeah but Derek is a green, aren't you scared to see what other colours look like?" She asked me, stopping where she was walking, "I've heard other colours are beautiful, and you kinda get sick of red when all you see is red. I think it would be an awesome change of pace to see every colour! Plus being a red means you know what, and I'm sick of it, I need out." I said to her. What I mean by 'red means you know what'is when you are a red you suffer from depression, and sometimes reds cut, and I, was a red cutter. Other colours had different points of hurt and if happiness, but red was probably one of the worst.  "Yeah I would give my right arm to see the other colours. I guess I'll go." She said with a blank look. "Yesss oh my gosh thank you!!  This is the happiest moment of my life!!!! Were leaving tomorrow by the way" I said, happily, this truly was the happiest moment of my life. "Ok I'll pack tonight." Sara said, and then the bell rang, so I hugged her and we waved and headed off to our classes. I looked down the hallway watching Sara go, her red hair in between her fingers and a big red bow attached her hair. I looked around at all the other kids with red hair and red clothes and my only thought was 'how boring' and I headed to my class. 

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