Colours of Expression

When you are born you have pale or olive skin, and you are given a colour and a type. Depending on what colour you are is where you live, what your attitude is like, & what colour is the only one you see. Depending on your type you get placed in the city of your type, the types being rich, average, poor, or equal. After you get put into a type of city you get put into another separation by colour. There you live your life. It is punishable by law to exit your colour area. Derek; a colour green and a type average creates a refuge centre for all types and colours to hang out & meet each other, and some even stay forever. Anastasia goes there the same fateful day as the rebellion-willed Damien and stuff happens... Read and find out(;

(Yes, I used a picture of Zayn Malik on the cover, no, this is not a Zayn Malik fanfiction, when I pictured Damien I though of Zayn so that's why I used him(: any questions on my story please comment!) x


2. Escape

"Shhhhh!" I whisper to Sara, she's being so loud with her bags of clothes and her stuff, were trying to not get caught here so she isn't exactly helping. "I'm sorry I'm sorry but this isn't exactly a good hour for me to be operating" she says back with a frown "c'mon hurry let's go, Derek should be on the other side of the forest" I said back to her, gosh.. I hope he is. 

We walk across the forest, Sara humming softly, I'm just walking, sort of afraid of the guards that make sure no reds get out or other colours come in, but I also have this nervous energy and it's making me keep walking 

"There he is!" Sara says, pointing to a willow tree with a man leaning against it, that was Derek. 

We made our way up to the tree, and Derek just waved at us. He's the first colour I've ever seen and the colour he is wearing is called green, and it's beautiful. 

He leads us, as promised, to an underground warehouse. Inside is all different colours, I can't even explain how overwhelmed I am right now, and I don't even know all the names of the colours. Some colours are close to each other, darker and lighter shades and every colour is beautiful. Derek calls all the other kids around and begins a speech. 

"Hey guys, these are some new reds if you can't tell" he points to me "this is Anastasia" and he points to Sara "this is Sara, now guys, tell them what's up, the basics, the rules... And, uh... Lilac.. Lilac and... Acacia! show them where their room is?" He looks over at two girls, both leaning against a wall, lilac is obviously the one with lilac colour hair; a purple, but she is just altogether interesting. She has a spiky headband on and a leather jacket, paired with very tight black jeans and black nike high tops, and piercings on both sides of her bottom lip. she would I guess be hardcore. The girl next to her; Acacia, was similar, but with pastel green hair, sort of mint colour. She had a leather jacket on also and her sleeves were rolled up and she had a few tattoos peeking out, I suspected Lilac had some tattoos under her jacket too. 

Lilac nodded her head down and got out of her position of leaning against the wall and walked to a doorway which headed down a long hall and our room was close to the end. She pushed our door open and our room was white. Two simple beds and dressers and lamps, all white. She waved a simple goodbye and she had a smirk on her face and winked at Sara. I could see why she did, Sara had black hair, clever trick I taught her was to get a red wig so she could hide her black hair, and simple jeans and a cute black crop top. She stole all these clothes right before we left from the box of confiscated things in red, and so I guess I taught her well. We both laid down and fell asleep, today was a busy day and we have even more excitement tomorrow. 

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