The Exchange Student

A glimpse, a chance to meet him, that's all I asked for. I work at a restaurant for that chance, but I wonder if it will ever come...


9. Chapter 9

The door slowly swung open to reveal a grinning Niall "Hey Emily, it's good to see you again,"he said smiling at me before turning toward Annie, "your Annie, right?" He asked still smiling.

"Y-yep t-that's me." Annie replied stuttering a little, I couldn't help grinning, now it was her turn to stutter.

"Come on in. Watch out, it's a little messy in here," Niall said stepping out of the doorway to let us in through, we stepped inside the spotless room to see four smiling boys lounging around the room.

Liam got up off the couch and came over, extending his hand for a handshake,"You probably know who we are but I'm Harry."

Harry came over, slapping the back of Liam's head, making him drop his hand,"Yeah sure you are, Liam. I'm Harry." Harry smiled at Annie and me,"Worry bout Liam, his brain probably got fried a while ago."

I smiled, laughing nervously,"I didn't know Liam was a zombie, you sure no one else is one too?"

A loud laugh made both Annie and me jump,"Not that I know of, course the way Niall acts when he wakes up could make him a zombie," Zayn said, smirking from his spot on a chair.

Niall scowled, glaring at Zayn,"Like you're much better, you could pass as a bear is spring!" He pointed a thumb at Zayn as he turned to me,"That's Zayn by the way."

"I thought we'd established that they know who we are," Louis grumbled, before looking at us,"Your friend okay? She looks a little blue," Louis asked me, looking at Annie strangely.

I turned, Annie did look a little blue as she looked around with wide eyes, I rolled my eyes,"Hey Annie, I don't care how amazed you are, you'd better breath before I throw all your dresses away!" I said, shaking her slightly.

She suddenly screamed,"OH MY GOD, YOU'RE LIKE THE BEST BAND EVER! Can I like get tons of pics and autographs please!?" She squealed, clutching her phone.

"Sure," Niall replied as Harry grabbed a notebook off the table while Zayn fished a pen out of his pocket. Zayn signed it first then handed the notebook and pen to Harry, Liam, Louis and lastly Niall.

"Here you go Annie," Niall said and handed Annie the paper.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! OMG, OMG! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER! Okay, now for pictures!" Annie squealed, opening the camera on her phone. "Everyone crowd in." We all managed to be in the picture, unfortunately one picture wasn't nearly enough many pictures for Annie. She ended up taking ten, I checked the time on my phone 3:30, I could tell everyone was starting to get annoyed with Annie. After Annie fan-girled for another five minutes I managed to get her to stop screaming with the threat of dragging her home.

"Is anyone else hungry, I'm starved, can we please get something to eat?" Niall started complaining around 5:30.

"Go to a restaurant?" Louis suggested with a shrug.

"And have to face the paparazzi again today!? No thanks, can't we just get a few pizzas?" Zayn groaned

"Sounds good to me," Harry said, as Liam pulled out his iPhone.

"That alright with you two?" Liam asked Annie and I.

I shrugged, "Sure, who could turn down pizza?"

"A super crazy person," Niall said, grinning, "Lucky all of us are only crazy, well except Annie maybe."

Annie wrinkled her nose,"Whatever, can we get a Hawaiian one?"

Sure," Liam said, dialing the number and ordering a pepperoni pizza and a Hawaiian pizza. The pizza arrived at about 5:45,by then Niall wasn't the only one starving. Niall ended up eating most of the pizza though, which resulted in exclamations of anger. Things like "Hey! I was gonna eat that," And "that's your 5th piece, I don't wanna starve, leave some for the rest of use will ya?!" His reply? "Eh, oh well." Yup, that's Niall Horan for ya.

"Annie, we probably need to leave soon, it's 6:00 right now and we have papers due tomorrow." I said looking at my iPhone, yes I'm obsessed with time, deal with it.

I got off the couch and looked at Annie as she replied "Shoot, okay Em ready to go?"

"Yeah, It was meeting you guys, thanks for putting up with my super crazy best friend." I said waving at them as I walked over to the door, Annie behind me.

"Glad you came, see ya." They replied in unison which was kind of creepy. Annie and I left the hotel room and made our way to the parking lot. We found her car and got in, Annie put the key in the ignition and backed up out of the space and onto the road.

We managed to make it home around 7:00 pm, Annie parked in parking lot of our flat and took the key out of the ignition. "Emily?"

"Yes, Annie?"

"Do you think that everyone liked me?"

"Honestly Annie? I think that they were a little annoyed with you. Because you just might have screamed in their ears and flipped out like any other fan would do."

"You're right Emily, if we ever meet them again I'll try to be calm and not scream and ask for like a billion pictures, okay?" She said with a small laugh.

"Okay, ready to go study?" I asked.

"Nope, lets go." we got out of the car and headed toward our flat. When we made it inside I suddenly felt tired, "I'll see ya tomorrow morning Annie," I was interrupted by a yawn. "I'm getting my papers done and going to bed early." I finished.

"Same here, I'm pretty tired too." We went up the staircase together and went toward our separate bedrooms right before I closed the door to mine I called out to Annie, "Goodnight, Annie."

"Goodnight Em." She replied, I closed the door to my bedroom and managed to finish my assignments before crashing into bed. This has been the best day ever so far although I couldn't help I wondering what they thought of me. I was left alone with those thoughts before I fell asleep.

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