The Exchange Student

A glimpse, a chance to meet him, that's all I asked for. I work at a restaurant for that chance, but I wonder if it will ever come...


7. Chapter 7

As soon as I opened the door to my shared flat Annie was bombarding me with questions.

“What time did you get there? What time did he get there? Did you like him? Did he like you? What did he say? What exactly happened? Did you make a next date? I need to know every single little detail."

2:56, he got there about 15 minutes after me. How could I not like Niall Horan again? How am I suppose to know if he liked me or not!? We talked and no, we don't have another "date"," I replied taking off my shoes and coat.

"What did you talk about?" I opened my mouth to answer when Annie interrupted," Shoot, I have a date with Jake. Don't think that you got out of answering my question, I want details when I get back, got to fly." She grabbed the keys out of my hands and practically flew out the door.

I sighed, that bought me a few hours before Annie came home. And today was my turn to make dinner. Best day ever, NOT!

*6:30 *

I hummed as I drained the water from the pasta and then mixed it into the marinara sauce. I'd already finished making the stir fried beef and vegetables.

Just as I finished Annie burst through the door, grinning widely. "I'm home!" Annie called coming into the kitchen and setting a shopping bag on the counter. "Glad I made it to dinner, I bought cheesecake on the way back."

"Sounds good, how did your date go?" I asked as I dished pasta onto two plates.

"It was great, we ended up watching Spider-Man since nothing interesting was playing at the theatre." Annie said as I handed her a plate with silverware and we walked over to the couch to eat.

"You've watched Spider-Man like a billion times already though," I said, after chewing a bite of stir-fry.

She shrugged,"I still love watching it." Annie took a bite of pasta,"This is really good, Em. You really should go to cooking school."

I shrugged, embarrassed,"It's not that hard to make, I found the recipe online."

"I'm still waiting for those details and since you know I'm not going to leave you alone til you answer them I suggest you do it now." Annie, glaring at me impatiently.

"Geez, you just don't give up do you?" I sighed, better get this over with. Annie is great but she's a pain, I thought to myself.

"Okay, um we talked about school and when asked I said that my cappuccino tasted good, um I stuttered a lot I told him he was my favorite and completely embarrassed myself. I learned his ringtone is "Never say Never" by Justin Bieber when his phone rang and he had to go, that's about it."

"Wait... he had to leave early? You never told me that, where did he go?"

"To a interview, Zayn called him to remind him about it." 

"That sucks, you finally get to meet him and he has an interview,"Annie said, wrinkling her nose.

"Yeah, well he's famous, it makes sense that he'd be busy." I replied, feeling annoyed.

 Just then my phone vibrated, I looked at the screen, new text from Niall, I tapped on it.

*Hi, sorry about earlier*

*Don't worry about it, it happens* I quickly replied.

*Yeah but I feel bad, how bout you come and meet the guys Thursday?*

*Sure, I'm off Thursday, can Annie come? She'll be jealous of me otherwise* I quickly replied, hoping that he'd say yes.

*Sure, we're staying at the Ashmount Country House*

*K, see ya*

"Who are you texting?" Annie asked, peering at my iPhone over my shoulder as she set a slice of cheesecake in front of me.

"Niall, he wants us to come over to the Ashmount Country House Thursday and meet everyone." I said, between bites.

"You're kidding me, We going the meet Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall?!" Annie asked, staring at me like I was some sort of alien. 

"Yeah," I said, grinning at her.

"Yeah, that's all you have to say, oh my god, this is the best week of my life!" Annie said, jumping up and down. She continued to talk as she washed dishes, I finally got annoyed. " you wanna watch a movie or something Annie?" "Sure what do we have?" She asked, as I bent down in front of the cabinet under the tv.

 "Pitch Perfect, The 10 Things I Hate About You, Fault in Our Stars and One Direction: This Is Us." I replied. "Take your pick." 

"Um, how about The 10 Things I Hate About You, I'll make popcorn." She replied, putting the bag of kernels into the microwave.

"K, I'm gonna get ready for bed then I'll play the movie," I said jogging up the stairs to my room. I changed into my green cheetah print pajama pants, an old 1d shirt, pulled my hair into a messy bun,brushed my teeth and washed my face.

* 7:00 pm

I went downstairs to find Annie on the couch in pajamas, movie loaded and popcorn in hand waiting for me. "Ready when you are." I said as I sat down next to her. She pressing the play button on the remote. I snuggled up in the blankets munching on popcorn as the movie began.

*Several movies later *

"Annie can we please go to bed, it's midnight." I said, yawning."We've already watched all four of those movies."

"Yeah, I still can't believe we will be meeting one direction in just 5 days though."

"Me neither, goodnight, Annie." I said, standing up and walking up stairs.

"We're talking about this tomorrow, night, Em." Annie replied, following me upstairs then going into her room.


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