The Exchange Student

A glimpse, a chance to meet him, that's all I asked for. I work at a restaurant for that chance, but I wonder if it will ever come...


5. Chapter 5

I pulled into the Starbucks parking lot, finding a spot between a green jeep and red truck. I checked the time on my phone. "2:56, great, I'm early," I couldn't help muttering to myself. I grabbed my keys, phone and wallet, got out of Annie's car and headed inside. It was not busy, but Niall wasn't there. I couldn't help thinking, what if he ditched me?  I was suddenly disappointed, sad, angry, all at the same time. I decided to order a drink and wait ten more minutes before I left.

I walked up to the counter, "Welcome to Starbucks! May I take your order?" the lady at the counter asked me.

" I'd like a large french vanilla cappuccino and a chocolate chip cookie, please," I replied smiling.

" OK, that will be $6.50."
"Thanks," I said I took a ten dollar bill out of my wallet and handed it to the lady.

she opened the drawer on the cash register and counted out my change." $3.35 is your change, here you are,"she handed me my change.

"Thanks, can you call out my name when my drink is ready please?" I asked her, shoving the money into my wallet then put that in my pocket.

"Sure, what's your name, sweetie?" She asked, cup and pen ready to write my name down.

" Emily, E-m-i-l-y," I spelled it out for her as she wrote it on the cup.

"Here's your chocolate chip cookie," she said handing me my cookie.

"Thanks," I took my cookie and found a seat next to the window. I waited for Niall as I played on my phone, ate my cookie and waited for my coffee.

* 3:05 pm *

"A large french vanilla cappuccino for Emily!" the barista behind the counter called out.

"That's mine," I muttered to myself, I got up and and walked over to the counter and grabbed my coffee. "Thanks," I said to the barista with a smile.

"You're welcome," she replied, smiling too. I walked back to the sitting area and sat back down, I looked out the window just as Niall Horan walked up to the building. I mentally screamed, but on the outside I pretended to be completely calm.  I looked at Facebook on my phone pretending I was not gawking at him.

He walked in, ordered his drink and walked over to me. "Hi Emily, how are you?"

"I-I'm fine," I stuttered, I was having a really hard time trying not to faint.

"That's always good to hear," he said with a laugh and sat in the chair across from me.

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