The Exchange Student

A glimpse, a chance to meet him, that's all I asked for. I work at a restaurant for that chance, but I wonder if it will ever come...


1. Chapter 1

My name is Emily Smith, an exchange student of the university of Bradford. I'm a lifetime Directioner and I've always had a crush on Niall Horan. I'm tall and skinny with brown hair, freckles and blue eyes. i'm 19 years old, I work at Nando's part time as a waitress, a small part of me always hoping to see Niall.

I glanced at the clock, 3:55 five minutes until class was over.I had to be at Nando's by 4:30. Mr. Williams droned on in the background but all I heard was the ticking of the clock. Today might be the day, the day I meet Niall. One minute left.

"Class dismissed," Mr.Williams said, making me jump, I hadn't been paying attention. I gathered up my things, storing them in my bag. 4:05 
I only had five minutes to catch the bus. I bolted for the door, rushed through the halls and into the grey outside world.

"Crap, it's raining today," I grumbled, dashing over to the bus stop. The bus came around the corner, it splashed water on the sidewalk and drenching me. It came up to the curb, rumbling to a stop. I climbed on and took a seat next to my roommate Annie. Annie was an auburn hair and green eyed half Japanese girl from a super rich family in the USA. She is currently 20 years old, mental age.... 'bout five.

"Hi Annie,wait....why are you on the bus again? Isn't your turn to drive the car?  " I asked..

"Hey Emily, i'm here because last I checked the car is in the shop" Annie replied, annoyed with me.


"Oh yeah, oops,I forgot. So...anything exciting happen since I've seen you?" I asked Annie as I checked the time on my phone making sure I wasn't late for work, 4:07.

"Not much, I got some more songs on my iPhone, wanna listen to them?" Annie asked as she pulled her phone and ear buds out of her bag.

"Sure, maybe it will help me stop stressing about being late for work." I took an ear bud from Annie and placed it in my ear. "I'm sure you'll be fine, just listen to music and relax for a minute."  Annie said as she leaned back in her seat and shut her eyes. I followed her example as she turned on "Irresistible by One Direction".    

The bus finally stopped at Nando's, a tall brick building with small glass windows, and a big glass door. "Bye, Annie," I said as I grabbed my bag and handing Annie back her ear bud.

"See ya later, Emily,"Annie said as I stepped off the bus.

I opened the door to Nando's, as soon as I walked in Dillon, one of my co-workers, saw me and came over to me quickly."Hey Emily, this is new, coming in early, is there a special occasion?"

"No, I guess class was just out early today," I replied shyly, I walked to the counter hung my bag on a hook, put on my name tag and apron.

I looked over the counter where a blond haired man who was about 20 was waiting to order. I walked over to him and said, "Hi, welcome to Nando's. May I take your order?"

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