Mia has had a nice life. She's 18 and just getting out of high school and has been accepted into the college of her dreams, CSU, along with her boyfriend of 1 year, Cole. Then there's her family. She has her mother, a strict, but beautiful bitch. Her father left when she was younger and she's an only child. She has always listened to her mom, but she wants to be remembered as she ends high school, she doesn't just want to be just one in the crowd, she wants to try new things, one of those things just might be some rebellion...


7. chapter 6

Mia's P.O.V.

As I get back to my spot, to Kayla she looks at me expectedly "you were right.. I shouldn't be talked to him, I didn't have anything planned, I didn't know what to say, so go ahead, say it." "I TOLD YA SO" she tells me with one of her famous smirks.

Then Mr. Able walked in and started class. Nothing really happened, the only thing is that i could feel Harry staring at me the entire time, probably wondering what I was going to say in the hallway, well guess what, Harry, I'm wondering the same thing.

When class ended I was the first one out of the room and I was also the first one in math, I thankfully don't have this class with Harry because it's AP but I have this class with Hannah and I need to talk to her about this too, I'm sure Kayla's going to tell Ashton.

A/N: sorry it's so short! Kinda just a filler chapter

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