Mia has had a nice life. She's 18 and just getting out of high school and has been accepted into the college of her dreams, CSU, along with her boyfriend of 1 year, Cole. Then there's her family. She has her mother, a strict, but beautiful bitch. Her father left when she was younger and she's an only child. She has always listened to her mom, but she wants to be remembered as she ends high school, she doesn't just want to be just one in the crowd, she wants to try new things, one of those things just might be some rebellion...


18. chapter 17

"What.. Where am I?" I say quietly, sitting up on a bed... that's not mine? "Hello, love" I hear behind me and turn around to see Lou laying next to me.

My eyes go wide and I practically jump out of the bed, then immediately regret that decision when a throbbing pain hits my head. "Why am I here?" I ask him "what happened last night? Did anything happen???" I ask worried something happened that I didn't want to happen. He gives a little chuckle at how worried I am " no nothing happened..." He says while standing up to reveal that he's only wearing boxer briefs, and I instinctively tried to turn around but his torso was mesmerizing.

He must notice my struggle because he chuckles a little and waves a hand in front of my face "sorry.." I say coming out of my daze. "It's fine, but as I was saying, you passed out on the couch at that party and I brought you to my flat, but..." He trails off. "But what. Did something happen? If it did you have to tell me!" I walk over to him and get all up in his face. Wait, didn't he live at Liam's? Then he shouldn't have had to bring me to his flat..

"Okay something small happened.. We kinda kissed a few times." My eyes go wide, "we what?!" I yell "you knew I had a boyfriend, but you still kissed me??!" I raise my voice a little more. "Hey, whoa! Don't go jumping to conclusions, YOU came onto ME!" He tries to defend himself "you couldn't have stopped me?!? Or said no?!" I try to stay as calm as I can but I've never been in this situation before, I've always been a good girl, but you know what they say; good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught...

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