Drifter lives in the Underworld where books are banned, emotions are a disease and everyone must have a chaine- a part of their soul in the form of an animal that remains their lifelong partner and controls their emotions- when they turn sixteen. Drifter cannot wait to have her own chaine and stop having emotions but when the truth unfolds about her mother's mysterious death she must set out to leave the Underworld and find the secrets of a forbidden book on the surface.

What secrets does the book hold and what link does it have to herself and the people around her?
Can Drifter let her emotions show even if it means turning her back on the Underworld's legacy for love? Or will she feel betrayed by the secrets and never want to feel anything again?

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1. PROLOGUE- The Beginning

Prologue- The Beginning

Humans were living on the lies and blood of the mortal five: Anger, Sadness, Jealousy, Fear and Love. They were part of our body, our soul. Father Seamus found the only way to cure the mortal five disease. He created the chaines. Part of each human soul could be ripped from the internal body to the physical shape of whatever the human desires. These beings would stay by our side to control our mortal five and fight the emotions physically so we would not fight them mentally. The chaines felt the pain we didn't need to feel. The pain that drove the world to destruction.

Survivors of the corrupted world sheltered underground in Father Seamus' rule.

Books were burnt, and records shredded. The Underworld was split into 53 regions. Father Seamus took refuge in Region 1 and sent his trusted allies to become the rulers of the remaining regions.

And so royalty passed down their crowns and lived beside their chaines. It was their duty to carry out the chaine ceremony for every child at the age of sixteen so they would be given their own chaine and forever be free of the plagued side of their soul.

The Underworld will live in peace and unity without the mortal five that destroyed the world above.

We will remain neutral.

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