The Closet in the Attic

Jen McWorthy stumbles upon a hidden closet in her Grandma's attic. When she tries to show her friend, Kayla Shawl, the door to the closet won't open. When nobody believes her, Jen tries to find a way to bring back a piece of evidence, or figure out how to show Kayla. Will she succeed or will her whole life crumble apart within an hour?


3. The Closet Creatures

All your dreams will come true if you follow the path of blue, Follow the path of green and you will scream. Unicorns and fairies, a land full of strange prairies. Enter at your own risk, or the creatures of the forest will make you a creamy bisque. Your life could be full of wonder, or it could plunder. Deep deep deep it goes, it was as delicate as a dog rose. Twinkling and shining, but now dark and declining. Will you proceed and let your soul be freed, or are you a coward at a slow speed.

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