The Closet in the Attic

Jen McWorthy stumbles upon a hidden closet in her Grandma's attic. When she tries to show her friend, Kayla Shawl, the door to the closet won't open. When nobody believes her, Jen tries to find a way to bring back a piece of evidence, or figure out how to show Kayla. Will she succeed or will her whole life crumble apart within an hour?


1. Summer at Grandma's

Grandma Tally was not always so strange. She was a normal person when she was younger. She played hopscotch with the kids in her neighborhood and blew bubbles with her older brother. Then her parents moved her to Honeybrooks, Pennsylvania. She moved into an old, 3-story house.

She mumbles to herself constantly now. She talks about a different world of wild fantasies. Full of creatures from your wildest dreams. She try's to tell us about it but, she always gets frazzled and upset with herself. I feel bad for her. Since mom says she might not have very many years left in her, we are going to Pennsylvania, where she still lives, to visit her.

On the ride up, we pass dozens of farms, barns, and old houses. This area must be really old. When we get to Grandma Tally's, there are no signs of life. There is a rusted up old bike, a broken flowerpot, a stray cat, and an old, torn up dog collar.

We enter the house and call out Grandma Tally's name. At first, we here nothing, then we here the growing sound of feet, running down the long hallway. Then, "Oh, oh! Visitors! No, the house is mess. Oh, come now, I am in the Universal Hallway!"

I whisper to mom, "Why is she talking like that?"

Mom replies, "Dear, she is quite traumatized."

Before I have time to reply mom shouts, "Mom! It's me, your daughter Maggie! Mom, can you come here? Your grandchildren are also here!"

"Oh, oh! Jenny? Pauly? My babies?" Replied Grandma

"Mom, why did she add a Y to the end of Paul and my names?"

"Well, she adds it to everybody's names. Even your dad, Mark, is Marky to her."

Grandma Tally started walking in the front room, then she noticed my friend Kayla. She jumped back in horror and hid behind a child's rocking chair. "Who, who? Girl."

"Mom, this is my daughter's best friend, Kayla."

"Kaylee?" Answered Grandma.

"Yes mom, Kaylee. She is very nice. No need to be scared."

"Bright. Orangey head. Blue. Eye craters." Said a Grandma.

My, my hair and eyes?" Asked Kayla?

"Yes Kayla, that's what she means." Answered mom.

"Come, come. Much to see. Portal in clothes door." Said grandma.

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