The Closet in the Attic

Jen McWorthy stumbles upon a hidden closet in her Grandma's attic. When she tries to show her friend, Kayla Shawl, the door to the closet won't open. When nobody believes her, Jen tries to find a way to bring back a piece of evidence, or figure out how to show Kayla. Will she succeed or will her whole life crumble apart within an hour?


2. Grandma's Secret

As I walked from room to room, discovering new things every minute, I heard a faint sound. Whistling or singing maybe? I followed it to the 2nd story in the master bedroom. I peeked my head in just enough to see who it was.

It was Grandma Tally singing an old song by some dead musician. I walked in the room and Grandma Tally didn't looked fazed at all. At first I was scared. Then I said, "Are you a-asleep?"

"Oh, hello dear. Are you finding everything ok?"

"Uh, um, yah. How can you, um,um-"

"Talk normally? I never really talked different to begin with."

"Really? Then why were you talking differently earlier?"

"Well, it's hard to explain dear. Why don't you follow me."

"Ok" I replied.


In the attic, there were all sorts of old books, clothes, accessories, and antiques. Grandma let me look around a bit before saying, "Ok Jen, are you ready?"

She told me as we were walking here, that there was an old closet with magical things in it. At first I thought she was crazy again, but she started talking about how my mom and dad were always so kind to her. "I think so, Grandma Tally."

"Good, let's get going then. I don't want Magnolia and Mark to discover us missing."

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