Keep Quiet

" keep Quiet" is what they always told me, but now they're gone.
Does that mean I still have to listen?


6. 6

He worked for nearly an hour until finally he got the car to start again. "There you go, she's all fixed" the mechanic said wiping black oil onto the back of his jeans. Louis nodded, handing him the money he owed. Louis muttered a simple thanks and watched as he drove away. My face instantly dropped as Louis turned to me. He smiled devilishly as he approached me. Kneeling down in front of me once again. "Ready to go love" I bit my lip a shook my head, I wanted to stay here, at my own house, by my self. " oh my you have to come with me remember" he chuckled " we still haven't discussed your punishment yet" my body froze, I forgot. He laughed at me " come on princess" Louis said grabbing the top of my arm and tugging me back to his car. " I won't hurt you, it will be quite fun actually"

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