Keep Quiet

" keep Quiet" is what they always told me, but now they're gone.
Does that mean I still have to listen?


5. 5

Louis seemed a bit annoyed but gave me a fake laugh. He looked as if he was about to say something but was interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. "Come on princess" he said as he grabbed my arm tightly and dragged me down the stairs and to the front door. Louis pulled open the door, there stood the mechanic. He was about a year or two older than me he had black messy hair and blue eyes. He looked at Louis, then down at me. " I don't suppose it was your car that broke down" he laughed sarcastically. But still a big goofy smile plastered on my face as I shook my head in response. " no," Louis growls from overhead. " it was mine, and I'd appreciate it if you stop making goo goo eyes at my girl" I stuck out my tongue and shook my head, I am not his girl. The mechanic just shook his head " sorry mate, didn't know" he said and glanced at me, not seeming convinced. " alright well let's go see what the problem is" he smiled and walked out to the car " stay here" Louis ordered, letting go of my arm and fallowing after the guy to his car parked in front of my house. I walked out the doorway and sat criss-cross on the front step watching in aw as the mechanic did his work, Louis watching him closely. I could see Louis eyes flicker to me with a hateful glare, probably because I didn't fallow his orders. He walked up and kneeled in front of me. " I thought I told you to stay" he growled in a whisper through gritted teeth. I shrugged looking passed him at the boy who was now covered in grease and oil from Louis' car. He growled again, clenching his fists. " your not getting away with this princess, you wait until he leaves" with that he stood and walked back over to the car, I got a bad feeling in my stomach, but pushed it away. I was scared but couldn't be bothered right now I was too Busy staring at the mechanic.

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