Keep Quiet

" keep Quiet" is what they always told me, but now they're gone.
Does that mean I still have to listen?


3. 3

I watched carefully through the crowds of people, searching for his face. I made it though one official day without getting taunted by Louis, well... Minus this morning, but we didn't have any classes together today, tomorrow we do. I fear him more than anything else, and honest to god I don't know why. He never actually hurts me, just threatens me. Sends me empty threat, after empty threat, but for some reason they scare me so much. Probably because he could hurt me if he wanted to, he has the power but he doesn't. But then again, it could also be part of a sick plan of his, to keep me scared so he can over power me when he needs to.

Once I was happy to see Louis was nowhere to be found I jogged to my locker, speedily grabbing my bag and slinging it over my shoulder. A little smile came to my face as the dismissal bell rang, unlocking the school doors and finally setting us free. I swerved past everyone and burst out the front doors, stopping a moment to take a breath of fresh air, and a moment of peace, just before I darted as fast as I could. I ran with all my force and speed until I got to my destination, the grave yard.

I burst through the gates and immediately stopped and caught my breath, I don't run in here, it's disrespectful. My foot steps were slow as I approached my parents graves, they sat side by side under a little oak tree. I kneeled down and stared at the stones in silence, I can't really say much. You know considering the fact I'm forbidden to speak an all, but I don't have much to talk about anyways. No friends, now... No family, no job, no pets, no life really just this wandering wast of a human being. I guess it makes sense though, I mean not everybody can be successful, especially the non speaking freak.

I huff, standing to my feet, I come to pay my respects but there's not much to do when you can't talk, it's nearly impossible to get a message to them. I sigh and pick a twig up from the ground, telling them the only way I can, I write 'I love you' in the dirt and smile. In peace for a small moment as I turn around and leave.

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