Keep Quiet

" keep Quiet" is what they always told me, but now they're gone.
Does that mean I still have to listen?


2. 2

I sighed looking up at the little school building, I already don't want to go, but I have to. My parents would be upset if I didn't. I took a deep breath and walked into the doors, getting stared at by a few people. I cringed at the uncomfortableness and walked to my locker, getting out my books.i shut the door to my locker and turned around, only to meet eyes with Louis Tomlinson. He smirked down at me with crossed arms " hey Kenzie" he chuckled " how've you been" I looked down, flattening my lips, he gets on my nerves more than anyone else. He laughed "still not talking I see" he shoved me back into the lockers by shoulders, I scrunched up, trying to be smaller some how and shut my eyes tight. "Listen up bitch, I own you. You listen to me, not anyone else. Me." With that he pushed himself away and marched off into the cluster of people. I stood still watching as he slowly disappeared, the words ' I'm screwed' circled around my brain over, and over again. Reminding myself to watch myself, or pay the price.

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