Once Upon A Time

Fairytales, we all know them, we all heard them as we were growing up. But never had they turned out to be what we had expected. Looks like not everything, and everyone can have a happily ever after after all.


2. Ch. ⅱ

Previously on Once Upon A Time...

"Lady Katherine Peterson, you are here by under arrest, and sentenced to death by the queen herself for treason."

"I did no," Lady Katherine cried. "Sorry, my Lady, queens orders," Katherine's eyes were wide as her back came in contact with the large oak tree located directly behind her. She shrieked loudly as he raised the dagger high into the air; "Help! Someone please help me!"

"Let her go," A new voice demanded threateningly. "I said; let. Her. Go," He stated slower as if to force the others to understand. "Under who's authority," The Huntsman snapped, narrowing his eyes into thin slits.

Katherine's eyes were wide as he drew his hand to the stranger's throat, but there was no hand, or flesh of any kind for that matter. Instead, in its place was a shiny, metal hook. "My apologies, forgive me. Perhaps this will help; allow me to introduce myself. My name is Conner O'Donal. Or Hook, as I like to call myself. Captain Hook," He smirked evilly, and with that, the Huntsman's head went flying with just a flick of the wrist.

Katherine screamed in sheer terror as the Huntsman's body dropped to the ground, motionless before her very eyes. He then turned to her. "Hello, puppet."

[ . . . ]

"Hello, puppet," Hook smirked darkly as his gaze snapped back to Katherine. The hairs at the nape of her neck stood on end, skin prickling as fear consumed her. "A-Are you going to kill me?"

He looked taken aback by her simple question. He froze in his tracks, seeming to ponder this. "Well, perhaps," He began. "You are, after all, carrying a price on your head. It seems all of Eastern Europe has heard the queen will stop at nothing to find you, and kill you herself. Anyone within a two-thousand kilometer radius will be after your blood to turn you over to her. They know there will be a reward for their loyalty, and they would also be on good terms with her," He paused as Katherine's eyes were wide with fear, chest rising, and falling quickly, breath fanning out around her in short puffs.

She stumbled back vigorously, taking off into a sprint for her freedom, and her life. Hook wasted no time in scurrying onto the patiently waiting horse, and was hot on her heels merely seconds later. As he rode up beside her, his arm reached out, gripping her tightly around her waist before hoisting her up onto the horse, and pulling her body firmly to his muscular torso. She screamed, thrashed, and begged for him to release her, but it was no use, she was caught.

"Shut up," He hissed harshly in her ear, causing her words to falter, and her mouth to snap shut immediately. She might very well be a strong soul, however, she was frightened of not only her step-mother, but also the towering male behind her with a hook for a hand. "I am not going to kill you," Katherine visibly relaxed her tense muscles at his reassuring statement.

Shortly after, he redirected the horse in the opposite direction, they were now heading back towards the country side. "W-What are you doing?! We're heading back towards the townspeople," Katherine panicked desperately. "I know," He stated simply.

"You're taking me to her," Katherine exclaimed accusingly. "You've saved me from the Huntsman only to turn around, and stab me in the back. You're going to turn me in, and keep the reward for yourself! How could you turn me over to the impulsive, manipulative, cruel witch who happens to be after me in the first place?!" "Katherine," He stated with a sense of calm, despite the words being fired at him. She is a sweet girl indeed, but her tongue spits fire. That will be her downfall. He pinched the bridge of his nose exasperatingly before he continued. "You just have to trust me." "Why should I." "I don't know you, and you don't know me," She snapped. "You just have to. I have a message for that damned queen anyhow," He sniggered. She flinched to to the foul language his vile tongue had uttered seconds before. If anyone had heard him talk that way, he'd be hanged for sure. The way he spoke of Casandra, there was more to it, a back story perhaps. He has had a past with her. Certainly not an excitable one either. And this was his way to weasel his way back onto her good side, by turning the princess she so cruelly wished to kill for her own guilty pleasure, and her toxic jealousy of the girl.

She shuddered before quickly composing herself. She sighed, drinking in a deep breath, but no preparation could satisfy her needs for the amount of fear that coursed in her veins was far too much for her liking. She knew what was to come in the near future. "And I'm the message," She stated emotionless, knowingly. "Precisely."

[ . . . ]

Hello my darlings, this is chapter two I think this is longer than the previous, but I'm still quite upset with its length. I apologize! I'll try to write longer chapters in advance. Oh, and I also apologize for lack of characters. I'm just trying to set the main plot, and introduce the characters! I know it's boring now, but I promise it'll get better.

So, what do you think Hook will do? Will he really turn Katherine over to the queen? Tell me what you think in the comment section below! Feedback is always much approximated! Also like, favorite, whatever floats your boat!

Love you thanks for reading!


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