Once Upon A Time

Fairytales, we all know them, we all heard them as we were growing up. But never had they turned out to be what we had expected. Looks like not everything, and everyone can have a happily ever after after all.


1. Ch. ⅰ

Title; Once Upon A Time

Disclaimer; I do not own any of the following characters, however, this is my own plot-line I will NOT be copying off of the original series! Read as you please.

Characters; Colin O'Donoghue as Conner O'Donal (Captain Hook), Joshua Dallas as Elijah Swan (Charming), Madison Beer as Katherine Peterson (Snow White), Marilyn Monroe as Ella Burgesses, Sarah Bolger as Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Lana Parrilla as Casandra Persil (Evil Queen), Robert Carlyle as Rumlestilskin, and many more.

Once upon a time in a small town in the far east of Bulgaria...

Thundering footsteps rang out through the forest of the world. A young girl adorned a horses' back. Huntsmen, sent by the girls' step mother - the evil queen - were hot on her trail. She shrieked loudly as the poor, overworked creature skidded to a halt, and she dropped to her knees as they surrounded her. 

"Lady Katherine Peterson, you are here by under arrest, and sentenced to death by the queen herself for treason," One of the men declared as he read from the royal, golden scroll provided by her Majesty. "I did no," Lady Katherine cried. "Sorry, my Lady, queen's orders," The Huntsman proclaimed as he pulled out the blade he was stowing away in his nappy sack located on his holster. Katherine's eyes were wide as her back came in contact with the hard bark of the large oak tree located directly behind her. She shrieked loudly as he raised the dagger high into the air; "Help! Someone please help me," She screamed as she screwed her eyes shut tightly, awaiting the pain in store for her.

"Let her go," A new voice demanded threateningly. Katherine opened her deep hazel eyes just in time to see a very attractive stranger riding towards them. The Huntsman, however, made no move to put down the dagger being held by young Katherine's throat. "What? Do you have cotton in your ears," Th attractive stranger growled as he leaped from his trusted white steed. "I said; let. Her. Go," He stated slower, spacing out every word as if to force the others to understand. "Under who's authority," The Huntsman snapped, narrowing his eyes into thin slits.

Katherine's eyes were wide as he drew his hand to the stranger's throat, but there was no hand, or flesh of any kind for that matter. Instead, in its place was a shiny, metal hook. "Apparently, I haven't made myself clear enough, my apologies, forgive me. Perhaps this will help; allow me to introduce myself. The name is Conner O'Donal. Or Hook, as I like to call myself. Captain Hook," He smirked evilly, and with that, the Huntsman's head went flying by just a flick of the wrist. 

Katherine screamed in sheer terror as the Huntsman's body dropped to the ground, motionless before her very eyes. He then turned to her. "Hello, puppet."

Hi, my name is Katherine, and this is my new story, I hope you like it. As I said before, this will NOT be copied off of the original TV series. Please like, favorite, whatever you please. So, tell me, is "Captain Hook" Katherine's savior, or will her put her in more danger than she already is? Sorry it's so short, the next chapter will be longer, I promise. Give me feedback, thanks.


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