No Need For War

Tris and Tobias live Dauntless lives with no war.


3. Chapter 3

Tris pov

I glance at the clock, 7:56 am. Four minutes until the initiates need to be here. The knives clatter against the metal table as Tobias sets them up. The doors open and twelve people come in. "Who's missing?" I shout. "I think it's Shane." A former erudite calls out. Shane is a Candor transfer. The clock now reads 8:01 and the doors open, Eric walks in. Uh-oh. I can see his eyes skim over the group of trembling initiates. "There are supposed to be 13 of you!" He barks. I gulp, i know what's coming. Shane runs in, "sorry i'm late guys i got lost." He smirks, but freezes in his tracks when he sees Eric with a snakelike grin plastered on his face. "Lost? Come with me." Tobias and I herd everyone to the railing of the chasm. "5 minutes." Eric yells. Luckily shane is strong, but he still trembles in his last minutes before we pull him back up. I sigh with relief. Staring into the rushing waters i realize that everybody has gone back inside, when i stroll through the doors, Tobias is demonstrating how to throw a knife. The blade pierces the very center."six, care to demonstrate?" I know what he means, i don't pick up a knife, but head to stand in front of the target. I try to look bored. The first knife hits in the crook of my bent elbow, the second right above my head, i smirk as he gets ready with the third knife. When it hits my ear i burst out laughing. The transfers just stare at the steady stream of blood running down my neck and i high-five Tobias. We are both cracking up at the initiates shocked faces. Suddenly we look serious. "What are you doing, go get a knife!" Tobias shouts at them. Only a few people succeed. Surprisingly Kat is great at throwing knives, so are Shane, and Akrin (an Erudite transfer.) I know there is one stiff somewhere, i spot her almost instantly from the fit of her clothes. She calls herself Cate. I think it's short for Catherine(a very abnegation name.) she's struggling, terribly, so i go to help her. "Here," i say taking her knife, " get a really good balanced stance and do not be afraid of it." This time she throws harder and the knife actually sticks to the board, near the edge. I can see her smile a bit. She looks just like I did. Small and weak. I hope she makes it, but she won't unless she's divergent.

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