No Need For War

Tris and Tobias live Dauntless lives with no war.


2. Chapter 2

Tris pov

Christina put me in a cute black dress. It is structured well with a strapless black top and a short skirt that juts right out from the hips over black nylons and heels. I need all the height i can get, i literally look like a twelve year old girl. I'm lucky that Christina also taught me makeup because i am definitely not pretty.

I let myself in at Zeke's because i know he is already far from sober, and the group was already sitting in a circle on the floor. "Great, now we can start!" Uriah announces, "i'll go first, remember if you don't want to do it then you have to take off an article of clothing, christina, truth or dare?" "Truth" "pansycake," we all groan, "have you and Will, done it?" She blushes and nods her head ever so slightly. "What was that Christina?" Uriah says. "Yeah." Now Will was also blushing. "Okay, Tris truth or dare?" Christina asks me. "Truth." Uriah starts to shout pansycake at me, but Lynn clomps a hand over his mouth. "What is four's reap name?" She asks. Luckily i'm wearing booty shorts so i freely take off my tights. Everyone groans. The night moves on like this, once in a while someone trying to crack into Four's past, or get me to tell them, the get nothing and we are almost naked by three in the morning when nobody has the energy to play never have i ever.

My alarm rings at 6:00 am. Training is at 8:00. "Uugggghh five more minutes!" Tobias and i yell at the same time, but i drag myself out of bed and take a shower. Tobias gets in after me so i take the time to dress. I pick out a pair of black leggings, a black tank top, and a black crop top to show off my ravens. Before we leave i put on one of my new chunky necklaces(thank you Christina) and my black cargo boots. Tobias grabs us two muffins and meets me in the training room, we start setting up the guns, when the initiates stream in. "Today we will learn how to shoot guns." Tobias announces and we step up to side by side targets. A big "bang" fill the room, we fired at the exact same time, the bullets went right through the center. this time we both close our eyes and fire again, my bullet flies through the hole i had already made and hits the wall. Perfect. I turn around and the initiates are gaping at us. I love it when people underestimate me, i don't know why, but it's satisfying when that person finally finds out what you are capable of. The rest of the day flies by with no interesting turn of events, until we get home. Tobias and i were sitting on the couch watching TV when there us a knock at the door, he goes to get it and I stay in the other room. I recognize voices, two...girls. I sneak around the corner and see Lana and taylor, a former Erudite standing there. Lana leans up against the doorframe. "Can we come in?" She says in a poor attempt to be seductive, i want to laugh, but i wanna see where this goes. I see Tobias stifling a laugh too and he lets them in. I hide behind the bed ready to scare them. "Why don't you ladies lay down and make yourselves comfortable?" He asks taylor looks excitedly at Lana and they take off their jewelry and lay in bed. "Just don't let my girlfriend know." Tobias says and he walks towards the bed. "Let me know what!" I scream as loud as i can and grab their ankles so they can't run. Tobias and i die laughing, i think they peed their pants. "Wait you guys are together?" Lana screams. I nod through laughs. The girls make a beeline for the door, but i block their way. "Remember this, stay away, or i will kick your ass." I say all while laughing and roughly shove them out the door.

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