Jordan & Jack

Jordan meets Jack. His eye are magical, his hair jet black but will it end happily ever after, or will the love turn sour?


1. Soc. Ed

Mr J. walked in with a box. the red box. we all stared in horror. "Oh no" I whispered in jacks ear the one I fantasise about all the time, from the day my eyes met his.

Jack gave me a funny look, I managed to slump right down on the table. I laughed stupidly, deal with this JJ one lesson a week with him- beside him.

Before I knew it mr j. wanted two members of the class to come up and roll play for the class. read a few lines out of a book? But no it was much wore than that, we had to method act, quite literally. We had to Quite informally snog. we started off with a quick kiss, it developed in to o much more, after class under the stair he whispered. everyone stared at us Kay and Michael were up next they took the method acting to quite the extreme! Oh my actual goodness! They went far. infront of everyone, Mr j. butted in, telling the pair "Right guys, I meant acting..." Kay laughed at the floor and they both came to sit behind us, Kay kicking my chair, saying all the code names under the sun for jack, what was worse, Michael- his best friend was in on it too.


While I was walking down the stairs someone grabbed me and pulled me under the stairs "You didn't forget?" He said cutely, "No, but maybe not here? I mean our best friends... in the corner...?" Kay and Michael...enough said. But we moved into the other corner, double dating for Kay and I then! ;)

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