The Unknown

What is it really for?
I simply didn't get it.
Demon wars, human wars, civil wars. They only cover everything up as if it had something to do with the world.
It was just simply death.
My war was different.
It's a shadow apocalypse between a group of humans that possess a gift. A gift to search for a key.
Something that'll stop this shadow war from becoming known.


7. "We aren't the only ones out there,"

I shot up quickly, gasping for air as if I hadn't inhaled air for a long time. I woke up slouched against the side of the sofa with steaming hot sweat dripping down from my hair lines. My head was tilted downwards against my chest. My head felt heavy for some reason as I tried to look straight ahead. 

Was I dreaming?

I felt like I had a connection to that... yellow eyed inhumane creature.


I shook my head fast again, trying to get the picture out of my head. I mustn't think that demons exist. 

I blinked in surprise, to see Jason kneeling down at me narrowing his brown eyebrows as if he had came across a new discovery.  I raised my eyebrows back at him in confusion, feeling weird and strange. 

          "No message in the bathroom. Are you drunk?" he asked, sounding surprised, with a hint of a disgusted sound in his tone. I grimaced at that question, looking completely mortified at my own brother.

         "You think my stories a cover up of dad's death? I told you. I was upstairs in the bathroom, a message is written on the mirror out of fog, and dad didn't scream. It was silent so i went to look for him," I realized my voice was rising in anger and frustration as my own brother thought I killed my dad.

Our dad. 

Jason studied my facial expression like a detective, wondering whether to believe my crazy story or not. His facial expression didn't change for a very long time. 

         "I guess you're time has come huh?" He asked me, sounding doubtful and concerned. It was almost like he knew what was going on with me. I raised my eyebrows higher, looking at my brother even more worried. 

      "What in the hell are you talking about?" I replied back, crossing my arms and waited impatiently for an explanation. Jason pursed his lips tightly together, avoiding to look at dad's body and me. 

      "Dad's a demon hunter," He started, waiting for the word hunter to kick into me. Somehow, I didn't feel surprised. "It's someone who slays things from the underworld," He looked at me, sounding completely normal again. 

      "So he's Buffy?" I shrugged, pointing out the obvious. Jason nodded blankly, glancing up at his fiancee as she entered the room. Emmy's face was... indescribable, twisted. Her eyes were completely black, she looked like an expressionless, frightened robot. 

      "Honey, what happened to your eye-"
      "Give me Shane," A voice ordered sternly, that came from her body. It was a males voice, who seemed like he was on drugs. Emmy lunged towards me, screaming in the process. I covered my ears and scattered up from the ground. Emmy cupped her hand and wrapped them harshly around my neck, pushing me up against the cream wall. 

She wasn't Emmy. 

I choked awkwardly for air, I was struggling to release myself from her tough manly grip. Her eyes were going numerous dark colors, red, mostly.

She shoved me up at the wall more, making a dent in the wall and I groaned in agonizing pain. 

I can't hit a girl.

     "Jason!" I screamed at him. He looked stunned, he glanced down over towards the computer fold-up chair that had been rested upon the side, and picked it up. 

But Jason was going to hit her.

I saw that Jason was confused, intense, but he had been completely calm about it the same time. He gripped tightly on the silver metal leg, raising it slowly higher. 

Emmy's jaw stretched open wide, showing her lizard like tongue dancing around helplessly as if I had been her favorite meal of the day.

      "You will become one of the demons!" His voice boomed inside her body. 

She was being possesed I suddenly realized.

Jason screamed, charging behind Emmy, she spun round to face her fiancee. He didn't look at her, he swung the closed fold-up chair forcefully around her temples of the head, making her collapse awkwardly on the ground. 

There was silence. 

      "You killed Emmy," I breathed suddenly, realizing she hadn't bothered to get up and attack Jason or me.

     "The thing inside her killed dad, somehow it wants you too," He breathed, with water glistening in his eyes. He looked down at the two bodies, and then up at me.

     "You have a curse that makes mostly everyone die around you, dad told me." 




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