The Unknown

What is it really for?
I simply didn't get it.
Demon wars, human wars, civil wars. They only cover everything up as if it had something to do with the world.
It was just simply death.
My war was different.
It's a shadow apocalypse between a group of humans that possess a gift. A gift to search for a key.
Something that'll stop this shadow war from becoming known.


6. Theories & Tales [Part 2] –

The Unknown – Theories & Tales [Part 2] –

The darkness would consume all who’d let it. It was the forces of something else, it tempered with my brain. It fiddled with my emotions, breaking me down into nothingness. I felt the sources rinse from my veins, and the energy being drained out by blood leeches. Suck, suck… and my skin goes pale. The devil had never made such a mistake in all his life. He knew what strings to pull, I imagined him tweaking his sharp nails, forcing them into razor sharp blades. They extend from his red finger tips, they dissolve in what can only be described as blood. His vengeance for many of his brethren, is all for him. He seeks the one who ruined his demands, he’s a foolish demon to come in between my family.

The deep sleep kept me shallow. I believed that the waters underneath me were thinner than air. I dreamt of the demon, the devil watching me. His bright yellow eyes, and black pupil staring into the invisible fires. Only he could see through the light, so why was I told differently? My family swore to protect me. It was an oath! – They don’t come easy, she said. They just fall harder than expected. She’d hold me close to her chest, I’d feel the warmth of her body. And then… the demon would strike, with all the eyes around me, and the blood flowing into the rivers of Hell. Lava? – No way! It isn’t magma, it is nowhere near fire… it is blood, and all the worst thoughts imaginable. I’ve seen the dense earth. I’ve scoured through many of the dead bodies. I’ve rinsed my sins in cold blooded hands. I know the truth.

After my deep sleep, I opened my eyes. My flat two dimensional eyes. This darkness? Could it be damaging my reality? – The forces pulled through tighter than before. They yanked at me hair, and my face felt tense. I could feel some strong force like a magnet, it felt powerful. My face was being removed from my own brain? – Does he really believe in fairy tales? – The demon revealed himself/itself. I didn’t know what gender to class it as. It had genes from everyone, and blood from everything!

“G-good… you’re awake, my love.” It spoke with a deep hazy voice.

I nodded, agreeing to its warm welcome. Its yellow eyes pierced through my skin. I felt exposed, as it stared into my soul. My eyes slid side to side. And my nose felt cold, as if someone had left ice cubes on my face. The demon swarmed around me with fire particles coming from its arms. The sharp razor slaws was no mistake! – I recognise them anywhere! And my poor family… what must they think of me? All the fairy tales, all the theories to be used as evidence. This demon had no boundaries. It had a thirst, an endless thirst for blood. Due to my heavy breathing, I kept my blood warm and inside my body. The devil turned to face me. Its yellow eyes closed behind another set of eyes. These eyes looked different! – I could see myself, my own reflection coming out in 3-D!

“Exposed… you shall be! – The hearing of my brethren is what entertains me!” It whispered.

“Y-you speak the same language?” I tried to smile.

“T-the same language? No! The human nature from your energy cores… I feel them burning through my skin! – My thick hide. I feel the energy rising into my body, my sharp nails, they remind me of death!” It spoke with some powerful words.

“Return… return me to my family!” I begged.

“L-look into yourself. You’ll see them… eventually… it is a wonder, a bother for you to be here?” It laughed.

“My f-family! I want to see my… family!” I screamed.

“Rusted chains, and metal nails. Don’t you understand the wielding of a second being down here?”

“Equip- equip me with your finest!” I tried to speak its language.

“You s-speak like the devil… frozen in ice! Why do you wish to see your family?” It asked.

“They mean a lot to me! – You twisted one!” I continued begging.

“Satisfaction… feast on the bits of what you have left. A rain fire will soon cast… then you’ll see yourself. Greet it with a warm welcome, make it feel at home. Before you… leech the rest out of it.”

The demon fully exposed its naked body. I didn’t think to look at it. It stared at me, forcing me to look back. I resisted the powers of this creature. The demon smiled, as I started to notice the blood falling from my eyelids.

“W-what have you done?!” I screamed in fear.

“Exposed you. Reflect your emotions, resist the attacks. You’ll feel the leech sooner, before it stacks!”

I cried loudly, as the rusted chains broke through my first layer of skin.

I screamed in agony, crying out blood tears!

“You are not going to take me, NEVER!” I fell on my knees.

As the chains became tighter. I felt my energy draining, and the demon smiled and told me it was entertaining.

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