The Unknown

What is it really for?
I simply didn't get it.
Demon wars, human wars, civil wars. They only cover everything up as if it had something to do with the world.
It was just simply death.
My war was different.
It's a shadow apocalypse between a group of humans that possess a gift. A gift to search for a key.
Something that'll stop this shadow war from becoming known.


3. Demons Inside Of Me?

Chapter 2

Demons Inside Of Me?

I’d count to five, and only five. If I counted past five, I’d surely see the Devil within me. Father told me that demons lurk in the places you once lived. Our minds are food, and flesh in skin. The demons would love to see me down on my luck. They smile deviously with their meat cleaver shaped teeth. The yellow in their eyes, it burns through your imagination. You see it with no remembrance, you see it with your own two eyes. It’ll just lurk inside of you, awaiting for a perfect chance. The circle of escapists, the demon knows all. It waits for my count, it waits for me to talk. And the number 6 rises again, once more. “Do you see what’s happening to me? I’m going crazy, I tell you!”

‘1...2…3…4,‘ I whispered.

The yellowness in their eyes, no wonder we face our demons in our dreams. In reality, the demons don’t show their skin. In reality, the demons don’t bring us dark stories. Dark pictures in our minds, nothing alerts us when our demons attack. Nothing controls how our demons react. If I was a soldier, I’d surely be done for. They are the best for dealing with demons. They face them every day, in a place called War. As for me and the others, we face them in everyday life. Casual lives, and soon the demon ruins it. How many demons hide inside? – I’d ask myself that if it was night.

With a blunt white chalk, I’d scrape along the surface of the concrete around us. Drawing a circle, a circle with some lines. You may have to see it, just to believe it. How do you know when something is real? How do you know that everything you’re doing is for a reason? You’ll never know, not until the end comes. I won’t go into detail, it’ll just make me go crazy. I’ve faced disaster after disaster and still no demons. No signs either, no sounds of voices chanting in my mind.

Headaches, those are the first kind of pains you’ll feel. As a demon awakes, you’ll feel what you can’t conceal. It burns, it burns! – And soon… you’ll be seeing two glowing eyes, and you’d ask yourself, when will I see the demons coming? – You won’t. There is no chance of catching them inside of you. They only show when you show yourself to yourself. Me is you? – Check your mirror, see yourself for who you aren’t. As mirrors tend to lie, as mirrors keep secrets away from the human minds. Your life is a reflection? – Your life is nothing more than a white lie.

Dreams & Reality, does it feel right or wrong to you? To me, I feel the pain every day. Knowing that only a camera can keep me happy. It’ll show who I am, and the demon will be right behind me. As for the reflection, the mirror shall be beside me. I’d cry into my hands, and wait for the news.

“Your father is nothing, nothing but imagery. You’d find yourself lost, if it weren’t for me…”

The voices continue, they speak so loudly. I feel their presence, as the creatures surround me. I look through the two windows, mirrors and reflections. And soon I shall find myself, the demons will devour me. It is our key, our noble decision to do the right things. The best we have, is darkness. Demons bringing out our past lives. We forecast the demons from years ago, we keep them growing healthy and some strange intelligence will grow. It’ll become light hearted, like a beast from under water. Red skin? – No! You are the skin you wear. You’ll find yourself buried over there…

The mystery of life. No wonder I write this, I could start a log, a video log on my progress. It’d never prove anything. I’d be recording for years, my life don’t have that much time… my progress would be for nothing, and soon to be lost in the humans lives of something. I’m losing control of my brain, my mind washes out the pain. It imagines me, I picture myself, and I picture my self-becoming normal. Am I utterly insane?!

- Written By Luke J.R –

(Chapter 2) – POV -

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